WordStream comments on Google’s new Enhanced Campaigns

Rating: Mobile CPCs will soon be similar to desktop CPCs

It appears that Google has decided to soft launch major changes that will make mobile advertising exponentially simpler in AdWords via its blog. (See our earlier story here). According to mobile advertising specialist WordStream this move “represents the biggest single change in the past ten years to the basic structure of AdWords campaigns. Additionally, WordStream claims that this change will greatly simplify targeting and bidding for mobile advertising. According to WordStream CTO, Larry Kim, his company is one of only a few companies that have been working together with and advising Google on this change.

He argues that Enhanced Campaigns will have a large impact on the search world – especially for advertisers who’ve long struggled with mobile as well as for Google which has been struggling to monetise search in mobile.

Larry Kim comments, “Google’s new Enhanced Campaigns represent the biggest single change in the past ten years to the basic structure of AdWords campaigns.”

“Mobile search has been growing incredibly quickly – it’s actually expected to outpace desktop search by next year.”

“But Google has had a big problem monetising that traffic. For starters, setting up mobile campaigns has been much too complicated. ”

“The new campaign structure will greatly simplify targeting and bidding for different mobile devices and locations. It’s a win-win for advertisers, Google, and its shareholders.”

Kim argues that there has always been a big gap between the cost per click (CPC) on mobile versus desktop.

Google intends to close that gap, and Enhanced Campaigns will help it accomplish just that, Kim says.

He commented, “I believe that mobile CPCs will be similar to desktop CPCs by the time campaigns are auto-upgraded later this year.”

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