World cup fever hits ringback tones

Sadly for us Brits it will only work in Spain

It seems everyone in the UK has gone World Cup (soccer) mad. Even the Barley Mow in Shepperton has an ale called Maracana from Windsor & Eton for the occasion. So it was no surprise to learn that ringback tone [RBT] specialist, OnMobile, has created a special mobile app (Android only) for the World Cup. It’s purpose? To enable users to show support for their favourite team with a footie style ringback tone. Only problem is that this app only sets an RBT in Spain at present. OnMobile is hoping to get it going in Brazil soon, too.

The problem for OnMobile is, of course, that this app will only work on networks where the mobile network operator [MNO] has installed its ringback tone offering.

In the UK no-one has. GoMo News presently can’t even reactivate our ringback service on Orange through Ringtagz. Is that service dead?

Anyway, there are numerous Brits currently living on Spain’s Costa el Crime (sorry, Costa del Sol) who might want to activate this service.

The idea is that when somebody calls your mobile phone, they hear your favourite football chant until you actually answer the call.

The app in question is called O!a Ringback Sport and works on any Android 2.3 or above handset. [O!a is a play on the word hola or hi/hello in English].

We tried to get it to set a ringback on our Spanish Orange SIM card but roaming isn’t enabled for that SIM.

Anyway, out of interest we looked at the RBTs for English supporters.

The List includes the British national anthem; We are the One (Ola,Ola); Engerrland; Rule Britannia; England till I die; 5-1 even Heskey scored and Can you hear the Germans sing?

The only real hope for the English in England who want to offer a footie-themed ringback tone we can see is to upload one yourself.

The ability to offer self-uploaded RBTs was offered by Vectone and we’ll let you know if we get it up and running!

You could, of course, try a site like which could supply a regular ringtone which you might be able to convert into an RBT. Not sure of the copyright there.

Given that RBTs can only be offered by MNOs, we can understand why British MNOs are so little bothered about them.

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