WorldPay announces new iOS compatible device for Pay As you Go card acceptance service for small businesses

WorldPay expands successful PAYG pilot programme ahead of Summer launch

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March 12th 2013. WorldPay, the UK’s leading payment processing provider, has announced it is extending its Pay As You Go Card Acceptance Service for Small Businesses to include iOS compatible devices. The service is now available through iPhones and iPads, as well as Android smartphones and tablets, and Blackberry. WorldPay has also announced an update for its Android app featuring a new, customer friendly user interface. The service has also been updated to give customers the option of printing receipts using a Bluetooth printer.

WorldPay is expanding its innovative pilot programme, which already boasts several thousand users across the UK, ahead of a full commercial launch in the summer.

Businesses and individuals who are interested in trialling the service now can sign up at

WorldPay’s Pay As You Go Card Acceptance Service allows sole traders and small businesses in mobile professions (such as mobile hairdressers, plumbers and photographers), who would traditionally need to rely on cash, cheque or bank transfer to quickly, easily and cost-effectively take card payments on their smartphone.

The service is specifically designed for sole traders and small businesses with 1 to 5 employees and has no minimum commitments.

Geraldine Wilson, Managing Director, Micro Merchants at WorldPay, commented, “Extending our service to iOS devices is another important step within our pilot programme with 65 per cent of new applications from iOS customers.”

“We now have several thousand people using the devices and the response has been overwhelmingly positive.”

“We’ve tried to make the service as simple as possible to use and set up and that is certainly coming through in the feedback we are getting.”

“We’re also hearing some great stories about increased sales and better cash flow amongst sole traders and small businesses.”

” We’ll continue to develop and improve the service with more sophisticated functionality and even greater compatibility over the coming months ahead of our full scale launch.”

The WorldPay service works by linking a smartphone app to a separate secure Chip and PIN keypad and allows merchants to accept Visa, MasterCard and Maestro debit and credit card payments on the move.

Businesses just need to sign up the service, download the app to their phone or tablet and link the Chip and PIN keypad to their device and they are ready to start taking card payments.

Wilson continued, “The Chip and PIN factor has proved really important, both with the businesses using the device and their customers.”

“The public are very familiar and comfortable with Chip and PIN technology and, when they see our customers offering it, they know it means that their payments are fully secure, in line with any other VISA or Mastercard transactions.”

The key features of the service include:-

  • Low cost of unit, without costly set-up and no minimum commitments for businesses
  • Users can also accept card payments over the phone when the cardholder is not present
  • Secure and trusted Chip and PIN technology with which consumers are comfortable
  • Service now available on vast majority of smartphones including iPhone, Android and Blackberry

The service is fully supported by WorldPay’s UK-based customer service helpdesk. WorldPay’s Pay As You Go service offers a range of pricing options.

Visit for the latest pricing details.

About WorldPay

WorldPay is a leading global supplier of payments and risk services, processing millions of transactions every day. WorldPay is a unification of seven leading retail payments solutions and offers a range of services including acquiring, gateway, alternative payments, risk management, and mobile payments. WorldPay became an independent company in December 2010.

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