Worldpay opens up its service to IOS users

Rating: Targeted at SMBs in particular

WorldPay has decided to extend its pilot ‘Pay As You Go Card Acceptance Service‘  for what it calls ‘micro’ merchants. This is ahead of a full commercial launch of the service planned for 2013. Naturally, WorldPay is hoping to recruit hundreds of SMBs to the trial. Good news for Apple fanboys, the service is now also compatible with iOS in addition to the BlackBerry and Android clients it already has.WordlPay’s Pay As You Go service is designed to enable merchants who would otherwise need to rely on cash, cheque or bank transfers to start accepting card payments quickly and easily.

As there are no monthly fees, the service is far more cost effective for smaller retailer and merchants.

The WorldPay service works by linking a smartphone app to a separate secure chip and PIN device and allows merchants to accept Visa and MasterCard debit and credit card payments.

The service is now also available for ‘Cardholder Not Present’ transactions, meaning that users of the service are able to accept card payments over the telephone, as well as face-to-face payments.

The pricing for the pilot programme is just 65 pence per debit card payment and 3.3 per cent for credit card transactions.

Geraldine Wilson, micro merchants md with WorldPay, commented, “For many businesses and consumers, card payments are quickly becoming the default method of payment for any transaction.”

“89 per cent of adults in the UK have at least one debit or credit card and one in three UK consumers carry less than £5 in cash.”

“This means that those merchants who don’t accept card payments risk turning away a significant amount of business.”

“The pay as you go model makes it cost-effective for even the smallest businesses to accept cards and the setup process allows micro merchants to take payments from any location and at any time.”

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