Yahoo! still on acquisition trail

Acquisition of Xobni blow to BlackBerry

Xobni_4_BlackBerry dies in 2014

It’s a sort of mix between an AI [Artificial Intelligence] CRM app and an add-in for Outlook. But Yahoo! has continued on its acquisition trail and hoovered up Xobni. The company’s employees have moved to Yahoo!’s Sunnyvale offices and are immediately working to integrate its technology into Yahoo!’s products. The main victim turns out to be BlackBerry because Xobni (which uses the brand name Smartr) has immediately ceased selling this version. The move follows Yahoo! snuffling up a couple of mobile apps called Qwiki and Fantasy Monster too.

Besides Xobni for BlackBerry, another casualty is Smartr Contacts for Android. But iPhone fanboys don’t have to panic quite yet.

Smartr Contacts for iPhone will continue to be made available but it’s not clear for how long.

All is not lost for Android users, however, because they should be able to utilise one of the version of Samrtr InBox for Gmail to smartened up their contacts database.

If we were Microsoft we wouldn’t be too complacent. Whilst the loss of the Android client isn’t such a bad thing, Xobni made its name on integrating with Outlook. What happens if it stops developing that?

Not quite as big as the Xobni deal, Yahoo! recently acquired Bignoggins Productions which produces a couple of iPhone apps – including Fantasy Monster designed to help players of fantasy sports games.

It has also acquired another mobile app in the shape Qwiki which is designed to help users create mini-movies from their own collections of videos and photos.

Other acquisitions by current CEO, Marissa Meyer have included Tumblr and one which we didn’t enjoy too much – Summly.

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