Yahoo! wants your mobile blog from Tumblr

Web 2.0 conspiracy theories of our time

Yahoo! mobile logoIt does seem a little strange that Yahoo! would want a major blogging host company and be willing to pay a massive $1.1 billion for the privilege, according to the latest reports. But it seems to have happened. As all GoMo News will instinctively know, nothing happens on the Net unless it is mobile related. This had left us scratching our proverbial heads until we saw a story in London’s Evening Standard. Apparently, it is a mobile related move.

According to the Evening Standard, James Hilton, CEO of ad agency -M&C Saatchi Mobile, has said, “Tumblr was completely suited to the mobile ecosystembecause users can easily micro-blog on a smartphone.”

Well, that makes a great deal of sense. Until you try to maintain a major blog from the fourth screen of your mobile phone.

It’s a good enough UI for typical blog maintenance. However, when it comes to major content generation, you really don’t want to be doing that on a smartphone.

Go ahead and prove us wrong by downloading the Android version of the Tumblr app from Google Play here.

The perceived wisdom is that in emerging markets the only possible means of creating your blog is via a smartphone.

Which is great, except that making money out of emerging markets like India is tricky unless you can generate high numbers.

In essence, GoMo News is still to be convinced that purchasing Tumblr for such a huge sum is a “good thing”.

Hopefully, we will be proved wrong. Incidentally, we would accept offers around $1 billion for this site if you are interested.

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