YOC new Campaign Management Platform deployed at Campari Germany

Berlin, April 06th, 2011 – The YOC Campaign Management Platform is a new
product to enable not only the standardised implementation but also the individual
design of mobile marketing campaigns. This new product targets agencies and
customers that would like to integrate mobile marketing campaigns with their
marketing mix via the YOC Campaign Management Platform. YOC is Europe’s
leading mobile technology and mobile media provider, boasting many years of
experience in the implementation of mobile marketing campaigns.
The mobile channel has turned into an integral part of integrated marketing campaigns
run by advertising companies. Lotteries via SMS/MMS or e-mail with an on-pack
promotion or mobile sampling campaigns are only two examples of popular advertising
tools for innovative customer targeting. Advertising companies and/or their agencies
often need to ask special mobile marketing providers if they want mobile mechanisms
to be used. This usually means more time, more effort, and greater costs.
The YOC Campaign Management Platform, however, benefits these two target groups
by offering them an easy-to-use product to implement mobile campaigns on their own.
It helps customers and/or agencies implement customised mobile marketing campaigns
with little effort, integrate them into the marketing mix and carry out 360° campaigns
on their own. The YOC Campaign Management Platform includes push and pull
mechanisms. SMS/MMS or e-mail is used to target end customers. It is also possible to
integrate individual targeting.
The Red Urban agency uses the new product for its customer, the spirits company Campari
Germany, to carry out e-mail and, in future, mobile marketing campaigns as part of the
digital CRM programme for brands such as Aperol, Skyy Vodka, and Campari.
“We developed the YOC Campaign Management Platform to offer a product based on a
modular system of existing best-practice mobile marketing mechanisms that makes it
quicker and cheaper for agencies and end customers to develop customised
campaigns,“ says Jan Webering, Member of the Management Board of YOC AG,
responsible for product management and product development, adding that the
development of the YOC Campaign Management Platform is based on the experience of
more than 1000 successfully implemented mobile campaigns. “Our new product”, he
goes on, “enables our partners and customers to benefit from our wealth of experience
and prevents them from developing costly products on their own that may turn out to
be a flop.”
For more information about the company: www.yoc.com

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