Young Brit apper turns hacker

Rating: Spud Run author gets expelled from Devon school

A young British lad, Aaron Bond, who already has four iOS applications under his belt has just managed to get himself chucked out of school for hacking. Bond is the programming genius behind an iOS game – Spud Run which costs a mere 59 pence on the iTunes App Store here. If you check (like we did), there are four not six apps and they are attributed to Gail McNeil who is the mother of Sebastian McNeil – the other founder of SeRiiOn which produces the apps. Anyway, Bond – who is still only 14 years old – has been expelled from King Edward VI College in Totnes, Devon. The school’s principal, Kate Mason, commented, “Aaron was excluded from the college in accordance with the serious nature of the offence and the college’s behaviour policy and acceptable user policy, which he had signed.” Banged to rights, then.

“I am very sorry and if I had known the consequences I never would have done it,” Bond (no relation to James) told The Daily Telegraph.

Bond must be something of a computer whizz kid because he already started his own business, Aces Design, at the age of eight after designing his first web site for a friend.

The whole incident has shown exactly what you need to do if you want to design your own iOS app.

For starters the reports all say that in order to get SeRiiOn going the two lads had to raise £1,400 for the neccesary equipment.

Helpfully, the SeRiiOn web site lists exactly what you need. Here it is … One Macbook; access to iOS and the developers tools; Adobe Illustrator; and Adobe Photoshop.

The pair also point out you need loads of spare time, too.

Oh, and if you’re wondering why Gail McNeil gets the namecheck against the company’s app it’s because The minimum age to use the iOS Developers tool is 18. {Who’s the ‘O’ in SeRiiOn, then?)

Besides Spud Run, SeRiiOn has released iiceSOS, My Reward, and Pumkin Run. My Reward was the company’s first free app.

GoMo News reckons that if you’re going to hack the school’s computer network, you should cover your tracks by creating a report showing you are merely highlighting the network’s vulnerabilities.

It’s not a good idea to edit the school newspaper whilst you’re hacking, either. But it is one hell of a way to publicise your games.

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2 Responses to Young Brit apper turns hacker

  1. Aaron says:

    Hi, Aaron (Not James…) here. Just thought i’d let you know that was my previous app development company…. Yes, Gail was Sebs mum as he gave me the initial investment…. Seb can’t even use a computer….. I’ve moved onto bigger and better things at

    Thanks for a great article

  2. Tony Dennis says:

    Glad you liked the article. And the James Bond joke!

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