Your chance to join the iWatch team apparently

Massive rumours that Apple is hiring engineers

use bluetooth like the i'm watch, luke

Heavy duty rumours are presently circulating that Apple is hiring fresh engineering talent to help with the development of wearable technology and the iWatch in particular are presently circulating in the Press. The hiring may not be restricted to just new engineers – it might extend to startups with relevant technology, it is speculated. Now’s the time to show your face around Cupertino obviously.

The implication from Apple’s alleged recruitment drive is that it has run into engineering problems with wearable technology.

GoMo News believes that there can only be one real problem affecting Apple’s ambition to introduce desirable product(s). Power consumption.

As we described on numerous occasions, Apple already has multiple rivals in the intelligent watch space from the likes of Sony as well as from the i’m Watch (see here).

The crucial part about the i’m Watch is that it utilises patented implementations of Bluetooth technology.

GoMo News has a gut feeling that Apple has an inherent dislike for Bluetooth and would prefer an alternative (more American) wireless technology.

That would, of course, mean a variant of Wi-fi – maybe even AirDrop itself. Which is where the problems may well lie.

Technically there is nothing to stop a designer from building Wi-fi into wearable technology. However, you’d run straight into power consumption problems.

Talking of designers, GoMo News hadn’t previously spotted that has earlier this month hired ex-Yves Saint Laurent CEO, Paul Deneve to work on ‘special projects’.

Wearable technology always has to be fashionable otherwise it really won’t take off. The early Bluetooth headpieces are classic examples of this.

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