Z3 Jakarta Edition pre-order available in Indonesia

Thanks a bunch BlackBerry marketing for not telling us

Here at GoMo Towers, we’d always known that the BB10 powered BlackBerry Z3 would come out first in Indonesia. And it has done so as the Jakarta Edition on pre-order. We noticed whilst updating the installed apps (including BBM incidentally) on our Q5 that amongst the improvements to the BlackBerry Virtual Expert app was supported for the Z3. So we Googled the Z3 immediately and found that in the very last days of April [2014], the Z3 had suddenly become available for pre-order here but only in Indonesia. We wouldn’t have minded so much but this publication had gone to all the trouble of registering our interest in the handset – in Indonesia. Has BlackBerry’s marketing department bothered to contact us? Nope. What was the point?

Anyway, we’ve published the full specs for the Z3 Jakarta Edition handset – which you can have any any colour you like as long as it is black, here.

The one thing which leapt out at us immediately is that there is no mention of a Dual SIM capability whatsoever, and if that is true it is a serious ommission by BlackBerry.

Now there is the thorny question of price. We found the cheapest on pre-order from Erafone in Indonesia was 1.399m Indonesian Rupiah (£72 or $121).

Which is way below the sub $200 price tage we predicted. But those pre-orders have already sold out and the normal price is Indonesian Rupiah (£113  or $190) which is almost spot on.

Not a bad price for a handset with a 5″ touch screen; 15.5 hrs talk time; 8GB storage; and a 5 megapixel rear camera. Shame its an all-touch device, not a keypad model.

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2 Responses to Z3 Jakarta Edition pre-order available in Indonesia

  1. qw says:

    Its not blackberry’s responsibility to let you know when other company’s are deciding on opening up preorders, they have no control over the operations of other company’s, they just supply the phone to them. You should be contacting the telecoms selling it to let you know what they are doing, not blackberry.

  2. Tony Dennis says:

    What are you talking about? We were interested in knowing about the Z3 as soon as it was available. BlackBerry made a news service available for anyone who bothered to log in and provide their email address. We bothered. We had an acknowledgement from BlackBerry. Then they let the Z3 out on pre-order without emaling us. Granted, if we could only buy through Erafone then we needed to sign up with that MNO for email updates. But the pre-order announcement was cross-provider. Do you bother to read our stories or are you just a serial complainer?

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