Apple Vs Android Vs Windows Vs Linux

June 21, 2018 June 21, 2018 gomonews

The market is flooded with different makes, models, brands and OS’s. To the point we don’t know our ass from our elbow. Variety is good, as is healthy competition, but with that, we end up with a community of fanboys who will fight to the death over the most trivial things. GOPRO shot themselves in the foot regarding this. Having no technical support and leaving it to NOOBS.

But each company has its virtues and flaws. Microsoft is simple, Apple is clean and Linux (when you get to know it) is powerful but lightweight.

I’ve used all 3 as OS’s, on my phone, PC and tablet, and the only one I truly didn’t like was Apple.

Not because I don’t like Apple, but because I feel they’ve over saturated and forced the market. If I wanted a computer that practically did the housework, I’d buy one.

Linux, although free, has its own problems. It’s good, don’t get me wrong, but you need to learn basic coding to simply log on.

Windows is ideal as it’s very user friendly, but is heavy on the RAM.

Not one of them could I give a 5/5

Android is getting better, and the developers are taking note of what does and doesn’t work on certain devices. Microsoft, SLOWLY are doing the same. Apple on the other hand, are churning out devices that barely work, let alone achieve.

When I had to use Linux, I was amazed at the commands I had to type in. (Kids, look up MSDOS). To simply launch a program, I had to physically code the command and execute it. It always worked and usually if it went wrong, it was ME, not the OS. One point to Linux!

My usual computer is throwing up tonnes of faults. ‘Windows can’t connect to a server’ ‘windows cant connect to a service’. Well, Windows these days can’t connect to itself. It’s all well and good being so advanced, but it has to work.

Apple is pretty robust, but they have monopolized. They deliberately make updates that will overwhelm older products, rendering them useless. They also use underhand tactics to ensure that customers will upgrade.

On the inside, all computers are the same. My PC has an identical Motherboard and Hard Drive to an Apple. The only difference is the OS. Naturally there are differences, as with all computers, but the foundations of them are near as damn it identical.

It’s the Operating System that is key, not the hardware, and go with what you like. I don’t like Apple, I’m a Microsoft guy. But I’m open minded. I know Apple is robust, but needs some getting used to. The same goes for Windows. Linux is free, but needs a lot of work.

In conclusion, all of them have merits and faults. Where as Windows is user friendly, it lacks certain features. Ubuntu is powerful but needs a PhD in Computer Science to simply open a file. Apple is everything, but exceptionally expensive.

To find that happy medium is hard. But for the most part, go with your gut.

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