Finally, Someone has the Balls to Wrestle the Monopoly off Apple.

July 11, 2018 July 11, 2018 gomonews

I’ll admit it, I’m a PC guy. I like and understand everything about Windows, from command prompt commands to being able to do extremely advanced diagnostics of hardware related issues. Networking is a breeze and everything on my computer was instantly recognized and drivers installed (except my monitor, which needed an update).

Apple on the other hand have made life so uniform, you’d see more individuality in a concentration camp. Identical hardware, software and compatibility. You can’t take the HDD out of an Apple and replace it with a new one. You have to send it off, and pay for the privilege, regardless of it being faulty, wait 3 weeks, and you’ll get it back (hopefully) with a working one.

The beauty of Windows, is that it’s designed deliberately to be tied to one key, which is ultimately attached to the motherboard. There are some occasions, such as my old PC, where the rules don’t apply, because it literally died a death worthy of Shakespeare, and as I had an OEM licence, I could transfer to a new PC, and still can, as long as I deactivate my current licence.

Apple on the other hand, rule with an iron fist, and with the number of fanboys they have patrolling forums (note the troll), it’s like extracting teeth trying to get to the bottom of a simple problem. The iPod was a marvellous gadget, but then it evolved into the iPhone, and now we’ve ended up with a load of people essentially willy waving trying to compare. Think the old ‘My dad’s bigger than your dad’ from the playground.

Well, sorry Apple, Microsoft have finally hit back, with the Surface Go a 2-in1 tablet that boasts all the power of a high end tablet, all at a fraction of the cost of an iPad.

Something else I like about Windows and Linux for that matter, is you can do as you please. Apple restrict so much that you have to pay someone to repair it, those authorized people have to pay Apple. Either way, Apple makes money. My niece had a nasty virus on her iPhone, and it wouldn’t even let me format the phone without being connected to the Cloud. On an Android, it’d do it no questions asked, just ask me to confirm I wanted to do it.

Starting at around £400 the Surface Go isn’t cheap, but you have the versatility of being able to play with your settings instead of being restrained by Apple’s draconian constraints, you also have the beauty of more durability, longer battery life, customization options, and to be blunt, you’re not paying for a ‘designer’ brand, which Apple is.

If you’re looking for a tablet/laptop., this I would seriously recommend.

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