Is Gadget Insurance Worth Getting?

June 14, 2018 June 14, 2018 gomonews

You can of course get insurance to cover everything these days, however one expanding market place regarding insurance is the gadget insurance service that is on offer from quite a number of different companies.

One of the most expensive items you are going to be carrying around with you these days is of course your mobile phone or tablet device, and there are pros and cons of getting gadget insurance that will allow you to have the peace of mind in knowing your mobile or other electronic devices are covered.

With that in mind today I will be taking a look at those pros and cons, so that you can hopefully work out for yourself and make the decision as to whether gadget insurance if something worth getting.

Accidental Damage and Theft

The two main things that are going to be covered by most gadget insurance policies regarding mobile phone and mobile devices is accidental damage, as long as the policy covers you for any type of accident such as dropping your phone then you should be OK!

However, one thing that does catch out a lot of people are the excess amounts, those being an amount of cash that you are expected to pay yourself for example when your phone is damaged and needs repairing.

So when looking for a policy, ensure the excess amount is zero or as low as possible, for often the excess amount is so high that you will end up paying for any repairs to your mobile device before the insurance policy will cover the rest!

Another important aspect of getting gadget insurance is to ensure that you are covered for the theft of your mobile device, make sure that eve possible type of theft is covered for bizarrely some policies do not cover your loss if for example your phone was stolen or lost on public transport.

Once again it will be the excess amount you should make a point of checking out, for whilst a mobile can be an expensive item to replace if you are forced to have to pay an insurance premium and also a huge excess amount you may feel rather short-changed when it comes to claiming on a policy.

Holiday and Travel Insurance

One additional way that you are going to be able to cover your mobile devices and other electronic devices is by taking out a holiday insurance policy when you are planning a trip aboard.

However, insurance companies are always known for their very strict rules and you are going to have to list every single electronic and mobile device you are taking with you and there are always going to be a maximum amount such an insurance policy will pay out if your devices are lost, stolen or even damaged whilst you are on holiday.

Often the maximum pay-out amount from such policies will only cover a small fraction of the cost of a modern day mobile phone, so always keep that in mind!

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