Mobile Phone Screen Colours Affect Sleeping Patterns

June 22, 2018 June 22, 2018 gomonews
Using Mobiles at Night

Researchers have discovered that by changing the colours that are given off by the screen on mobile phones, it is possible to help combat the effects of tiredness and sleepiness that are currently one of the side effects of using a mobile device!

What they have discovered is that if they add a fourth colour, that being turquoise to the three colours such screen currently emit, those being red, blue and of course yellow the brain then becomes tricked into thinking into thinking it is day time, which then has the effect of making people much more alert when using their mobile phones and tablet devices.

However, it has also been discovered that if someone is using their mobile device at night, as most people tend to do, but they turn down the colour on their screen then it makes people feel much sleepier and then they are able to nod off much easier!

It has always been known that the brightness of a mobile device user’s screen will cause people to think that it is currently day time, even if it is night time, and the body will stop producing the required hormone that helps them sleep which is melatonin and that has the effect of giving people insomnia!

Restricting Use of Your Mobile at Night

What you need to do if you have found that your mobile device is causing you sleepless nights is to stop using it in the hours running up to you going to bed.

You should also never take your mobile devices into bed with you and when it is in another room you should turn it off or at the least mute it and also turn off the vibrate function too.

If you don’t then when you receive a notification you are going to hear it and will be tempted to go and see what that notification was for!

Children and Mobile Devices

Not only should you avoid taking your mobile into your bedroom with you when it’s time to go to sleep but you should never charge it up in your bedroom either, for the flashing lights given off when a phone is charging can often cause you to stay awake.

I would also suggest that children are encouraged to only use mobile devices for a minimum amount of time each day for they are much more likely to experience far worse insomnia patterns when they are addicted to using their mobile devices which many of them sadly do!

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