Mobile Phone User Stats Revealed

June 27, 2018 June 27, 2018 gomonews

You are probably more than aware that there are a huge number of mobile phones in use all over the world, however what you may be unaware of are just which countries that have the most mobile phone users.

With that in mind today I am going to be looking at the top countries in the world regarding the most mobile phone users in each of those countries, and some of the results may just surprise you.

One result that probably will not surprise you however is that the country that has be far and away the most mobile phone users is China, and the latest set of facts revealed about China shows that there are a whopping 1,321,930,000 mobiles in use there!

Another country that does have a huge percentage of its population that are regular mobile phone users is of course India, and the most recent set of figures released show that a massive 1,183,408,611 of people living there do use a mobile phone!

The United States of America was of course going to be listed up near the top of any listing of the countries that have the most mobile phone users, and at the last count there were a total of some 327,577,529 US residents that do own and use a cell phone.

Mobile Phone Users in Brazil and Russia

The number four country on my list is Brazil and the number of people there that are connected up to the mobile phone network is a whopping 284,200,000, which it is very true to say is a fair percentage of their total population of course!

It is Russia that has the fifth largest number of registered mobile phones in use throughout the country and the latest set of facts and figures reveal that there are some 256,116,000 mobile phones in use in Russia!

Other Countries With Million of Mobile and Cell Phone Users

Whilst they may not use some of the very latest mobile phones and smart phones, over in Indonesia there are a total of some 236,800,000 mobile phone users which is another country that has a huge percentage of its total population registered as mobile users.

It is Nigeria that is the seventh country on my list and currently in Nigeria you will find a total of some 167,371,945 do use mobile phones, and many of them are recycled older models that are cost effective to buy over there.

People that live and reside in Japan do seem to love their mobile phones and as such it may not surprise you to learn that a total of 146,649,600 people in Japan love using their mobile phones day in and day out!

The number nine country in which there is the most mobile phone users with some 150,169,643 mobile phone users is Pakistan, and the tenth country is Bangladesh, and the latest set of figures there reveal that 131,376,000 of people living there down own a mobile phone of one type of another!

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