Nokia and Sibusu: Bringing Better Network Across Nepal

June 10, 2018 June 10, 2018 Chris Wilson
Internet Service project in Nepal's Region 2

Internet Services in Nepal’s Region 2 see a better light as Nokia joins forces with Subisu to create the fiber-to-the-home network. This new service would increase speed and other possible uses that can be presented. 

The two major companies are liable for open communications and services that concentrate on delivering better internet processes – with Nokia presenting their 7368 ONT in partnership with Subisu’s optical fibers in giving better access for digital television and IPTV services.

With fiber-to-the-home connectivity, there is a designated central area that delivers the signal throughout the locality that is intended for the project. Nokia will provide a servicing that will aid Subisu within their operation in deliberating their optical fiber distribution within their precinct.

Having a conjoint addition may make it a more natural strain within the two companies which could help prevent any significant fallbacks at the end of the day. This maintains a higher possibility regarding stability and the maintenance of the product that they intend to keep for the duration of time.

Nokia and Subisu aim to deliver a pleasant experience for consumers that are affected by poor internet services. Should their project come out nicely, there is a possibility to succeed in producing more services to other areas. This deal offers an intention that may likely be potable for a line of business regarding the partnership between Nokia and Subisu.

Spreading faster network may also open the two companies to other agencies that may be able to assist their overall work, creating a better issue regarding globalizing internet works. Possible better services that may be provided at the end of the day is likely to promote better cooperation between and among the current and following companies that may pitch in.

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