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June 18, 2018 June 19, 2018 gomonews

You are in luck if it’s time to upgrade your phone or you are simply looking for a new contract along with a new phone, for most price comparison sites have a range of special offers, and there will be at least one of them that should appeal to you.

Over on the Money Supermarket website for example one of their most popular current deals is the Pay Monthly – 4GEE Essential Unlimited Minutes deal on which you will also get 4GB of data for £22.00.

That deal is however a 24 month contract and it will be the stylish looking Nokia 130 black handset that is being given away are part of that deal. What makes it an interesting deal is that there is nothing to pay up front, which does make a pleasant change from the norm.

However, with such deals you are going to be locked into that 24 month contract, so you will need to weight up the pros and cons of taking it, but having said that you will be hard-pressed to find a much better deal for the price.

Nokia 216 Blue

They also have another offer is you are looking or a different handset and that is their Pay Monthly – 4GEE Essential Unlimited Minutes which does of course come with a data allowance which for reference is  4GB.

That deal is for £22.00 per month and once again is a 24 month contract and the handset you will be getting is the Nokia 216 Blue one, which comes packed with additional features and is by no stretch of the imagination a bulky mobile device.

Doro Phone Easy 5516 Black

I do know many people have been impressed by the look and feel and the features that are built into the Doro Phone Easy 5516 Black handset and if you are prepared to sign up to a 24 month contract then that is the handset on offer from Easy Everything.

The deal you will need to look up is the Pay Monthly – 4GEE Essential Unlimited deal on which you will be given an allowance of 4GB for a monthly fee or £22.00and that is yet another 24 month contract.

In fact I have seen quite a number of excellent deals being offered not only at price comparison sites but also at a range of cash back type sites too, and it is always going to be beneficial for you to consider signing up to a cash back site if you want to get paid something back for taking out a mobile monthly phone contract.

However, what you will need to keep in mind is the length of the contract, the data and call allowance you will be getting and of course the monthly fee charged, so be prepared to spend some time shopping around and comparing the offers available to you, for you can often find the same deals available regarding the handset data and call allowance, but with a different monthly fee or cash back amount.

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