Star Wars: Jedi Challenges Multiplayer Update Released On May 4th

May 6, 2018 May 6, 2018 Michael Gibson
Star Wars: Jedi Challenges Multiplayer Update on May 4th

Tech Giant Lenovo collaborated with Disney to create the Star Wars: Jedi Challenges, last year November. In line with commemorating George Lucas’ Star Wars, based on the famous catchphrase “May the Fourth be With You,” a free update that lets players duel one another in the new 1-on-1 Lightsaber Versus Mode was released yesterday, May 4.

The feature is called Lightsaber Versus Mode, and as you might expect, it does require you to have two sets of the Jedi Challenges kit, each of which includes the smartphone-powered Lenovo headset, a lightsaber hilt plus a movement-tracking beacon. They have to both be on the same WiFi network for both players to engage in multiplayer. The two beacons above should also be in front of both players, ideally placed on the floor about three feet apart. Then fire up Versus mode, find your buddy, and start the battle.

The update introduces a local multiplayer, so two players with the full kit can set up in the same room and see who the more dominant Jedi is. The game will give each player prompts for which actions to take, such as telling one player to duck while the other player is instructed to swing. It might not be the freeform duel everyone has dreamed of since first seeing a Star Wars movie, but it will undoubtedly test players’ Jedi reflexes. The new update is also a compelling step forward for AR games, as multiple users will be able to share an AR experience. Players can see their lightsabers as well as their opponent’s.

The interactive Augmented Reality experience is a game that Star Wars enthusiasts, both young and the young at heart, will surely enjoy because aside from the cool graphics, they would be able to experience what holding and using a lightsaber is like.

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