Samsung Galaxy Note 9’s Release Confirmed In CMIT Report

May 2, 2018 May 2, 2018 Chris Wilson
Samsung Galaxy Note 9 possible release date

The Samsung Galaxy Note 9 handset is likely to arrive by August this year. Samsung has certified two versions of the Galaxy Note 9 with CMIIT (the China Ministry of Industry and Information Technology), a process which requires making the devices public knowledge.

Samsung is known for its yearly launching of Galaxy Note devices. This year, in January, Galaxy Note 8 units beat iPhone X sales. Apple only reached less than half of Samsung’s quota and sold 10 million devices. Now, the Galaxy Note series is going at it again, with plans of releasing the Galaxy Note 9.

Samsung Galaxy Note devices are usually released in September or October, but this time it looks like the company might bring the rumored ‘Samsung Galaxy Note 9′ to markets slightly ahead of its usual time.

Samsung’s listing in the CMIT doesn’t give away much detail other than the model numbers: ‘SM-N9600′ and ‘SM-N9608′ – which is very similar to its secretive Columbia trademarking.

This is useful information because the Galaxy Note 9 has the model number ‘SM-N960,’ the derivations refer to the different Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 and Samsung Exynos 9810 cores showing Samsung wants the flexibility of selling both models in the country.

Furthermore, we already know a lot about the Galaxy Note 9 and its headline features. With talks of Samsung previously trying to implement the in-display fingerprint reader in both the Galaxy Note 8 and Galaxy S9, the company is sure to incorporate the technology in Galaxy Note 9 before it is too late.

Also, the Galaxy Note 9 is expected to have the biggest smartphone battery Samsung has ever fitted into one of its flagship smartphones. This would represent a significant turnaround for the company, which has been extremely conservative with the battery capacities of its flagship smartphones ever since the Galaxy Note 7 debacle.

Additionally, Samsung Galaxy S9’s bright dual aperture rear camera will also be brought forth. With more fascinating new features install for the Samsung Galaxy Note 9, will it beat iPhone’s upcoming iPhone X?

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