IoT-Slam-2016-_Logo IoT Slam virtual conference 2016

[ April 28, 2016; 8:04 am to 6:04 pm. ] Organisers: IoT Community
Venue: Online [Virtual]
Hashtag: #IoTSlam

Register here

The Second International IoT Slam 2016 virtual conference will commence on April 28th 2016 – in the cloud. The aim of the event is to accelerate the adoption of IoT by bringing together leading practitioners and authorities. They can then share their experiences and best practices in developing, launching and operating IoT devices, networks and applications and to discuss solutions to critical challenges. Continue reading

ios9_logo iOS9 bricking 1000s of iPhone 6 handsets

Practice is probably a restraint of trade in EU

In what could turn out to be a massive PR disaster for Apple, thousands of iPhone 6 owners have managed to ‘brick’ [render useless] their handsets by opting to installing the latest iOS 9 upgrade. The problem seems to affect those who have had their handset repaired by independent specialists – rather than taking it back to an official Apple retail store. The bricking problem has been labelled the “error 53″ bug and Apple is fully aware of it. Unfortunately, if it is deliberate, then in the EU the practice is probably illegal in EU as a restraint of trade. If not, them the automotive companies could have a field day. Continue reading

sdc2016_full_logo Samsung Developer Conference 2016

[ April 27, 2016; 8:00 am to 6:00 pm. ] Organisers: Samsung USA
Venue: Moscone West Centre
Location: San Francisco, USA
Hashtag: #heartSDC

Registration: here

Full two-day conference passes are available at early bird rate along with academic, alumni and group booking discounts. Continue reading

intel's genevieve bell is speaking Samsung opens registration for Samsung developer conference 2016 in San Francisco

Developers, creators and builders alike will come together to discuss the latest technologies and share future innovations

Press release

February 3rd 2016. Samsung Electronics has announced that registration for the Samsung Developer Conference 2016 (SDC 2016), which will be held from April 27 to April 28 2016 at San Francisco’s Moscone West Centre, is now open. Centred around the theme of ‘Connecting the Future Everywhere You Look’, the this year’s SDC will offer more than 60 technical sessions, interactive workshops, keynotes and hands-on device experiences across 10 different topics. These will include: – the Internet of Things (IoT), virtual reality (VR), mobile, wearables, business opportunities, enterprise, smart tv, games & entertainment, Tizen and health & medical. Continue reading

valentine_heart Motorola levers Valentine’s Day for watch bundle

Say Hellomoto to your Valentine

Here in Blighty [UK], to help Brits celebrate Valentine’s Day [February 14th], Motorola has devised a special bundle offer for the Moto 360 smartwatch alongside its Moto G (3rd Gen) smartphone. GoMo News suspects that in order to provide an air of exclusivity, the offer is extremely time limited. Starting at 0.00 am on Tuesday 2nd February [2016], this offer ends at 23.59 pm on Friday 5th February. At least this year [2016], we’re not all attending the MWC (Mobile World Congress) which used to take place around February 14th. So even those in the mobile world can save up to £80.00 when both products are purchased together as a bundle. The GoMo Team feels the package is a good way to draw attention to the synergy between Motorola’s wearable offering and its flagship smartphone. For the curious, Motorola is knocking £80 off the Moto 360 and Moto G 3rd Gen bundle with prices starting at £298.00 [regular price £378.00]. Continue reading

Huawei_logo Old guard handset makers shrinking fast

Even Apple isn’t immune says Juniper Research

It seems that the old guard manufacturers of smartphones – such as Microsoft (aka Nokia)’ BlackBerry (RIM); Sony (Sony Ericsson); and HTC are seeing their handset shipments shrinking fast. The beneficiaries are mainly Chinese manufacturers such as Huawei and Xiaomi. But, according to market watchers – Juniper Research, even Apple isn’t immune to this trend. Apple posted its slowest ever YoY [Year on Year]  iPhone growth – reporting a 0.4 per cent YoY growth in iPhone shipments for Q4 2015. Apple did make record profits, though. Oh. And the USA is partly responsible for the slow down. Continue reading

Juniper_Smartphone_Markets Apple Posts 20% YoY growth despite Q4 smartphone slowdown

Whilst Microsoft declines & Samsung smartphones grow by >1%
Global smartphone market now reaching over 1.4 million device shipments per annum

Press release

February 1st 2016. Leading mobile analyst firm Juniper Research has released its Q4 and full year smartphone market assessment for 2015. Samsung shipped an estimated 317 million smartphones, representing less than 1 per cent YoY [Year on Year] growth. Apple posts its slowest ever YoY iPhone growth, but with record profits. However, Microsoft’s phones continue to slide, shipments declining 57 per cent YoY to 4.5 million devices. Xiaomi misses its annual sales target – slowing down to 75 million. shipments. Continue reading

caterpillar - new name in 2015 18000+ distinct Android phones exist says Spirent

At least 12 different Android OS  versions are in use

The number of distinct Android devices in use globally passed the 18,000 benchmark for the first time in 2015. That’s according to the latest Device Intelligence report covering The year 2015 from the device intelligence business unit of Spirent Communications. Devices from eight new mobile phone manufacturers were also added for the first time. The list includes Acer, Asus, Caterpillar, Microsoft, OPPO, SKY, Tecmobile and XOX. Additionally, the company claims that it has saved the telecoms industry some $17.5m in customer care costs. Continue reading

Tweakker_motif Spirent Mobile Device Intelligence report 2015

- Record year in delivering device intelligence services
- Online smartphone support tripling to over 100,000 hours
- Saving the telecoms industry $17.5m in customer care costs

Press release

January 28th 2016. The year 2015 proved a record-breaking year for the device intelligence business unit of Spirent Communications. During the year, the unit helped more than 100 mobile network operators [MNOs)]and over 70 mobile virtual network operators [MVNOs] to deliver new device intelligence services and support to over 1.5 million handset subscribers. Continue reading