Brit car trading web site experiences major phishing attack

Somehow gave out our mobile phone no.

It seems a relatively low profile UK car trading web site ( has come under attack from some extremely persistent East European hackers. The sophisticated phishing attack nearly persuaded a GoMo News associate to part with her ID and password. The crux of this attack was very clever in that a lack of phone calls in response to a placed advert was painted as a technical issue. And our colleague was invited to “confirm” her advert by the hackers. Theoretically, the recipient shouldn’t have been open to such an attack as she’d chosen to remain anonymous with regard to her phone number which isn’t ‘printed’ anywhere in the advert. But somehow the hackers got to it. Continue reading

1st Windows 10 smartphone from Microsoft

Lumia 950 has dual anntena & super camera

Nokia – or should we say Microsoft, has just [October 2015] announced the latest smartphone in its Windows based range – the Lumia 950. This is, of course, Microsoft’s first Windows 10 flagship smartphone. Obviously this handset will have to play on its hardware features because it doesn’t have a cat in hell’s chance of competing on the ‘mobile apps supported’ front. Traditionally, Nokia has chosen to go big on the capabilities of the built-in camera. This is exactly the sort of smartphone which will lead to the disappearance of the consumer dedicated digital camera. But what intrigued us here at GoMo Towers is the fact that the company decided to go it big on the handset’s dual antenna system. Continue reading

- luvaglio Bizzby wants to be the Uber of handymen discovery

Better move fast to fend off Big Guns, then

In the Bad Old Days [BODs], if you had a great bit of software, you only had to worry about one deadly foe – Microsoft. Nowadays, mobile entrepreneurs have multiple potentially lethal competitors. The list includes Google, Amazon and Apple. Plus possibly Microsoft, still. And the only major escapee to date is Uber. So what do you do? Well, if you are Rohan Sinclair Lugvaglio, founder of the Bizzby app, you start cuddling up to VCs [Venture Capitalists] PDQ [Pretty Damn Quick]. And that is exactly what he’s done. Lugvaglio is reputedly in last stage talks with two Californian based VCs and aiming to break into two out of the four BRIC countries: India and Brazil. What does Bizzby do? Essentially it puts you in touch with local handymen. Then there’s Bizzby Sky which will enable customers to have items picked up or delivered by drone. Ambitious or what? Continue reading

emma_lloyd_15 Sky’s Emma Lloyd on ad-tech start ups

Only work with them if click with Sky Media & marketing group she says

A really interesting interview with mobile industry veteran, Emma Lloyd, recently caught our eye in the Sunday TelegraphGoMo News, of course, has a long history of interaction (See ‘Bye Bye BT Movio‘) with Ms Lloyd who currently runs the show as Sky’s director of business development and partnerships. The comment which drew most attention was this … “We’ll only work with an ad-tech start-up like Sharethrough, for example, if both Sky Media and our marketing group want to work with them,” says Lloyd. Of course, Sky has already invested [September 2014] in Sharethrough. But it’s an interesting insight into Sky’s approach to investing in start-ups. Continue reading

real_time_ads Real-Time Advertising Summit UK ’15

[ November 18, 2015 8:00 am to November 19, 2015 6:00 pm. ] Organisers:Active Communications International (ACI)
Venue: Thistle Marble Arch
Location: London, UK

Registration: here

The theme of this show is the quickly evolving programmatic landscape. This is ACI’s second annual Real-Time Advertising Summit in London. It will bring together the comprehensive spectrum of perspectives on programmatic from brands, ad agencies, publishers and ad tech. Continue reading

Google & Microsoft agree to end their patent battle

Dr Aaltonen diagnoses boredom with pursuit of the pointless

It seems that industry giants – Google and Microsoft, have finally agreed to end their respective patent battle.
According to Dr Aleksi Aaltonen, an assistant professor of information systems with Warwick Business School, commented, “Patent battles are business as usual for tech giants that use them for various purposes. Lawsuits are used to claim financial damages but undoubtedly are also used for strategic manoeuvring and even for PR.” He hints, however, have probably become bored with pursuit of pointless. He added, “Given that software patents are often notoriously ambiguous, lawsuits tend to become drawn out affairs that can last years.” Continue reading

Counterfeit handsets present major challenge to African MNOs

Luckily Mobilethink believes it has the ideal solution

The use of cloned or counterfeit mobile handsets is a problem which MNOs [Mobile Network Operators] and MVNOs [Mobile Virtual Network Operators] in mature markets can afford to ignore. But that’s not the case in Africa. Such devices may form anything between 10 and 20 per cent of an African operator’s device base, according to Mobilethink. A genuine GSM handset should, of course, have a unique IMEI number. But that would involve paying the GSMA. Hence the popularity of counterfeiting. Additionally, the company quotes the Communications Commission of Kenya (CCK,) as claiming that sub-standard components are often used in manufacturing cloned devices which have not been put through safety checks and might emit higher than recommended radiation levels. Hence, some countries such as Kenya and Nigeria have introduced legislation ordering carriers to trace and block cloned and counterfeit devices. It’s a nightmare for African MNOs but Mobilethink thinks it has the answer. Continue reading

big four's war chests threatenned - howdle Industry reaction to Ofcom increasing charges for UK MNOs

Don’t want their war chests diminished

More than a little bad news for the UK’s four MNOs [Mobile Network Operators] now that the industry watchdog, Ofcom, has decided to publish its recommendations. Basically, the UK government is keen to extract as much money as it thinks feasible out of MNOs for use of the airwaves. This process has been going on since 2010 and as Ofcom admits, its remit is to revise the fees MNOs pay “to reflect full market value.” The net effect is that the MNOs will see their joint annual bill rise from around £64.4 million currently to £199.3 million. Obviously the Big Four aren’t too happy with this prospect. As Dan Howdle of commented, “They [MNOs] won’t want their war chests diminished.” Continue reading

an end to Africa's smartphone nightmare - houbak Mobilethink solving Africa’s $6 billion cloned device dilemma

Press release

With 10-20% of mobile devices coming into a network being cloned or counterfeit mobiles, Mobilethink’s automatic device detection and upsell solution is now must-have technology for African carriers to generate revenues from potentially banned smartphones; solution will be showcased at AfricaCom 2015 in Cape Town in November

September 29th 2015 Spirent Communications‘ device intelligence business unit Mobilethink has announced that it will use AfricaCom 2015 as the springboard to show African carriers how to end the current cloned device nightmare on their networks and to either block or engage with users. Continue reading