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[ November 27, 2011 9:00 am to November 29, 2012 7:00 pm. ] Organiser: WIMA
Venue: San Francisco Arirport Marriott Waterfront Hotel
Location: San Francisco, USA

For WIMA NFC USA 2012 WIMA is building on previous innovation and enabling greater business opportunities within the event by adding new and exciting elements to drive forward the NFC ecosystem. Continue reading

RIM-BlackBerry-logo Urgent: Absolutely last chance for 12 free BlackBerry apps

Rating: Thank You Gift from BlackBerry finishes today

Back in the Dark Days of October 2011, Research In Motion (RIM) – maker of the eponymous BlackBerry handsets – suffered a catastrophic outage at its NOC (Network Operations Centre) in Slough. In order to compensate its loyal customers for circa three days of chaos, RIM introduced its Thank You Gift from BlackBerry offering. From a consumer perspective, this equated to 12 free apps which for reasons better known to itself, RIM released in dribs and drabs. GoMo News spotted the last two remaining free apps – both games from Gameloft – finally appearing in the BlackBerry App World on December 3rd [2011]. However, today [December 31st 2011], is absolutely the last chance you have to download these apps for free. Continue reading

PhonepayPlus logo Maybe PhonepayPlus has got something to hide

Rating: Watchdog still hasn’t learnt how to bite, though

Usually when you put out a Press release on 22nd December [2011] at 5.45 pm which says it has an “embargo 00.01 am 27 December 2011″, then the issuer is definitely trying to bury some news. (See here). PhonepayPlus did this very thing but try as hard as we could, we couldn’t see anything in the information which needed to be hidden. But – and this is a big but – the regulator is still displaying a remarkable lack of courage in trying to control the industry is has been put in charge of. Basically that’s the Premium Rate SMS sector. Now, it’s very laudable that PhonepayPlus has sponsored the PhoneBrain social enterprise competition challenges for 11 – 19 year olds. The finalists will present their ideas in January to a panel of industry experts at ITV’s London headquarters. ITV, eh? Isn’t that the TV company which perpetrated some of the worse cases of premium rate fraud (here). Yup, it is. Who’s the compere? Gary Glitter? Continue reading

Mobile phones ring in good news for young people giving in 2012

Press Release

December 27th 2011. 2012 is set to see a boom in charitable giving and volunteering using mobile phones, with young people leading innovation in giving, predicts PhonepayPlus, the watchdog that oversees charity text donation in the UK. PhonepayPlus, the UK regulator of premium rate telephone services, saw a huge increase of interest in charity text donation in 2011 and this looks set to continue in 2012. Continue reading

Merry Christmas from GoMo News

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.
We will be offering a press release and occasional story service from December 23 to January 2 2012.
For anything urgent please contact Tony Dennis.

itunes presents the major obstacle Apple loses interest in iOS 3.1.3 users

Rating: No news iOS apps for 8 days over Xmas

Speculation is rife that Apple may be unwilling to support existing owners of iOS devices which are still running version 3.1.3. The reason for this can be traced to problems those users started to experience when trying to access the iTunes App Store directly from their devices. Some users who contacted Apple claimed that they were advised to upgrade their operating system. Which is strange because iOS 4.x and 5.x support only newer devices and those with older iPhones and iPod Touches are stuck with version 3.1.3. As usual Apple has not seen fit to issue a Press release saying that it has fixed the bug – but that does appear to be the case. GoMo News was also intrigued to learn that the company rushed to fix the bug because it locks down the App Store over the Xmas holidays for eight days. Continue reading

logotype_berginsight Latest Mobile Advertising and Marketing report from Berg

Rating: By 2016, mobile ads will account for 3.8 per cent of the total global ad spend

A report which seeks to analyse the rise of mobile advertising on the global market – 5th Edition – from Berg Insight has just been released. Written by Rickard Andersson, the report provides 160 pages of business intelligence plus five-year industry forecasts. Also included are real-life case studies which readers can you to base their business decisions. The report points out that there are something like six billion active mobile subscribers worldwide, a number which dwarfs the circa two billion Internet users. These numbers underpin the vast potential of the mobile channel for advertising and marketing. Mobile has become critical for brands seeking to engage in communication with present and potential customers. Continue reading

Squigs survey: Mobile gaming popular while commuting; Angry Birds popular on desert islands

-UK and US iPhone mobile gaming communities desire for more retro games to be re-launched, including Donkey Kong and Pac Man-
23 December 2011 – Squigs, a revamp of the classic 1990s Amiga puzzle game, conducted a consumer survey with the goal of revealing iPhone owners’ gaming habits. The retro ‘match-three’ game was successfully ported to [...]

ZTE Completes World-First TD-LTE CSFB Tests

Press release

December 22nd 2011. ZTE Corporation, a publicly-listed global provider of telecommunications equipment and network solutions, announced today it has completed a series of world-first tests between TD-LTE and 2/3G GSM/UMTS networks using circuit switching fallback (CSFB).
The operations included testing a series of services such as mobile originating calls, mobile terminating calls and short messaging service, or SMS. The tests further reinforce the convergence of TD-LTE and existing networks. In addition, the tests demonstrate that CSFB is a reliable voice solution on TD-LTE networks. Continue reading

avast-logo More details emerge on Avast!’s Android offering

Rating: Remote control via internet is buried inside beta app

GoMo News
recently paid a visit to Avast! Software in their headquarters which are in Prague (Czech Republic). We knew the company was getting into Android in a big way. Believe it or not Avast!’s first app for Android phones still hasn’t launched officially. But you can get the beta version of Avast! Mobile Security from the Android Market today and we’d thoroughly recommend it. Now [December 22nd 2011], the company has come clean over its new Austrian arm which will be headed up by Reinhard Holzner. He’s the founder of ITAgents – a software company which Avast! recently acquired. GoMo News was accidentally chatting with Reinhard over beers in Prague and he hinted at some exciting new features which should eventually become available via the Mobile Security offering. Continue reading

pindrop-logo Pin Drop brings spatial bookmarking to the iPhone

Rating: There’s also a Pin Drop API coming soon
The limited functionality of the native iPhone map app has inspired Andy Ashburner, co-founder of Pin Drop to develop an app of the same name. Its aim is to help people mark locations that matter to them. Ashburner claims, “I wanted something to keep a record of [...]

bayer-logo 28% of women say smartphones ruin their sex lives

Rating: Dangers of iPhone addiction revealed by The Sun

We’ve heard it all now. According to a report in The UK’s Sun newspaper here, a survey by pharmaceutical firm, Bayer, found that 28 per cent of women blamed smartphones such as iPhones and BlackBerries for ruining their sex lives. There’s no actual explanation as to exactly why these two smartphones could affect females’ sex lives but the implication is that addictive checking of emails and Facebook is the chief culprit. This news accompanies a long article for the newspaper’s Health section based upon an interview with Cary Cooper, Professor of Organisational Psychology and Health at Lancaster University. His main theme is to warn smartphone users to limit the time spent using the handset as it can numb the senses. Continue reading

scanme New social scanning app for iOS from ScanMe

Rating: History function shows who you’ve scanned the morning after the Xmas party

A new app for iOS devices lets users have their very own personalised barcode for social networking purpose. Called ScanMe Barcode, it uses personalised QR barcodes to let people in the real world get instantly connected online. With SanMe, your unique barcode stores your personal contact information and links others to your social network profiles with one quick scan. Available to download from the Apple App Store right now here, the new free app from ScanMe is a convenient and simple way to get started. Continue reading

Fanta Gets Playful with Consumers through Innovative NFC network by Clear Channel Singapore

Coca-Cola Singapore has launched the very first local Out-Of-Home Near Field Communication (NFC) brand communications platform with MEC Singapore, through Clear Channel Singapore’s NFC network this 8th December 2011. Newly launched Fanta and perennial favourite Coca-Cola are the brands that are featured.

Mobile Life!, Clear Channel’s NFC enabled network marks a first in the media market, [...]

American Roamer named the FCC’s best source of wireless coverage information

Report reinforces the strength of American Roamer Geospatial Network Intelligence
MEMPHIS, Tenn, Dec 20, 2011 – American Roamer, the global source for geospatial network intelligence, today shared an FCC report citing the company’s wireless network coverage data as the industry standard for coverage information.
In its most recent Connect America Fund Report released [...]