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[ November 27, 2011 9:00 am to November 29, 2012 7:00 pm. ] Organiser: WIMA
Venue: San Francisco Arirport Marriott Waterfront Hotel
Location: San Francisco, USA

For WIMA NFC USA 2012 WIMA is building on previous innovation and enabling greater business opportunities within the event by adding new and exciting elements to drive forward the NFC ecosystem. Continue reading

Amazing Velti and Diffusion Blender – full of mobile operators!

We had an amazing GoMo News blender last night at Marmalade in Barcelona.  For the first time ever, we had more mobile operators arrive than brands and agencies and start-ups!
This has never happened before!  We represented nearly every country with the Telefonica global team, DoCoMo, Orange, Everything Everywhere, T-Mobile, T-Ventures and O2.
I was happy – [...]

paypal_logo Paypal takes swipe at NFC

Rating: Not trying to merely replace the card swipe with an NFC tap

Following the launch of the PayPal Carrier Payment Network, the company has taken a swipe at NFC technology. PayPal’s head of mobile, David Marcus, told the Guardian here, “For NFC to succeed you need consumers to have the handsets, and merchants to install the terminals. It will take time for NFC to get mass adoption. By the time NFC catches up, we’ll be in a world that will move away from the point-of-sales terminal.” Instead of focussing on NFC – which has proved very popular at MWC 2012 – Paypal is highlighting its alliances with merchants which it says will enable them to grab a slice of the digital goods industry, which should be worth $220 billion by 2014 [source: Juniper Research]. Paypal pointed at alliances with, Pizza Express and Yotel. Continue reading

Former President and Founder of, Sean Rad, joins Hatch Labs

Following the most recent hire of Alan Tran, Hatch Labs continues to attract top talent to build new mobile startups

Press release

February 28th 2012. Hatch Labs Inc. today announced that Sean Rad, former president and founder of, will join Hatch Labs as the founder of a new mobile startup and former Apple employee
Alan Tran has joined the team as Senior Visual Designer. Rad will be
responsible for developing and commercialising an innovative location-based product, while Tran will co-lead visual design projects across Hatch Labs startups. Continue reading

Automotive M2M market to rise to 1.4 billion connections by Q1 2021

Press release

February 28th 2012. According to leading analysts, the telematics sector represents one of the greatest business opportunities for
Machine-to-Machine (M2M). From less than 90 million connections globally in 2010, the automotive M2M market will grow to almost1.4 billion connections by the end of 2020; expecting that the sector will generate €157 billion revenue in 2020. Amongst others, one of the biggest revenue generating segments will be tracking in the area of logistics as the logistical market for cloud-based multi-provider service platforms is boosting. Continue reading

threeuk 3 UK to pre-install eBay app on Android smartphones

Rating: Follow items without worrying about the data bill

UK mobile operator, 3 UK,  has struck a deal with eBay to embed its popular online shopping app on around 700,000 Android handsets. Smartphones with the latest version of the Android software will be in stores with the app pre-installed from this Spring. “The deal with eBay is part of 3 UK’s efforts to allow people to experience the benefits of the internet wherever they are,” commented Neil Andrews, head of media sales and content services. Continue reading

Mobile advertising in great demand – apprupt is growing on all fronts

The premium network for mobile advertising is recording strong growth in staff, reach and revenue

Press release

February 28th 2012. apprupt, the premium mobile ad network,
completed the year 2011 with strong growth in all divisions. Manpower,
network reach and annual turnover all recorded above-average growth rates in a year-on-year comparison. The annual turnover increased tenfold compared to the previous year. Thus, the growth was well above market levels. Continue reading

google Apple probably successfully derails Google @ MWC 2012

Rating: Google CEO has little to counter iPad 3 rumours

It seems that Apple hasn’t lost its flair for self-publicity one iota despite the loss of Steve Jobs. Google’s CEO, Eric Schmidt, has just presented his keynote address at MWC 2012 which has its origins in the world of GSM, of course. Schmidt appears to have maybe overlooked this point with his comments about mesh networks. But he’s primarily viewed as the public face of Android – the Google sponsored mobile OS. Android’s arch rival is, naturally, Apple’s iOS. Well, in a move almost certainly designed to steal Android’s thunder, Apple announced that it is holding a Press conference on March 7th [2012]. Even as Schmidt spoke. Continue reading

China-Mobile-Market China Mobile has long way to go to catch iTunes

Rating: China Mobile’s Li Yue reveals app store stats

Speaking at the Opening Keynote on mobile operator strategies at MWC 2012 in Barcelona, China Mobile’s president, Li Yue, revealed some interesting stats on the performance of its own app store – Mobile Market. China Mobile is, of course, the world’s largest mobile operator by both revenues and subscriber numbers. “Compared with Apple we have a long way to go, but it shows the potential,” Li Yue told the conference. “We are the gateway for selling services in the Chinese market.” Given the size of the Chinese market – which Nokia has just said it will attack with its W7 Mango Lumia phones – GoMo News wonders just how long it will be before Mobile Market overtakes the iTunes App Store? Continue reading

appspotr AppSpotr offers cloud based app generation

Rating: So easy to use, a monkey could do it

After seven months in stealth mode AppSpotr launched at MWC 2012. In essence, it’s a cloud based app generator for both iPhone and Android. From the demos, AppSpotr looks both flexible and simple to use. The best news is that anybody can sign up to try out the service – without even having to supply credit card information. Users only have to pay once they like what they have created. The company also provides ‘app viewers’ for customers to download so they can get a really good feel for how the app will appear and work. Payment is on a monthly subscription basis and pricing starts at $15 per month. GoMo News particularly likes Patric Bottne’s – CEO of CamClic, the firm behind AppSpotr – arguments as to why native apps are best. Continue reading

itchen_valley Weekend QR code round-up – breweries taking up the tech

Rating: One beer QR code links to a Xmas video

There’s nothing like testing mobile technology in a real life context to gain a feel for how well it’s actually performing. Over the last few days [February 2012], GoMo News has been pointing its cameraphone at a number of 2D barcodes we spotted in our travels. And we quickly detected a pattern. Those in the brewery trade in particular have definitely recognised the potential offered by the likes of QR codes for gaining a closer contact with their customers. After all, what could be easier than scanning in a 2D barcode whilst wiling your time away at the bar? There’s a definite need for some fine tuning, though. Some of the codes we scanned didn’t actually point us in the right direction. Continue reading

Nokia202_203 Nokia pumps up its Asha Series 40 range @ MWC12

Rating: Three new Nokia handsets – 202, 203 & 302 handsets

Focussing back on what it does best – sell mobile phones, at MWC 2012 Nokia highlighted the fact that that there are still 3.2 billion people around the world who don’t own a phone and the 1.2 billion users who don’t have a data plan. The most telling phrase the company used was about the new Nokia 302. It was described as being faster than “some entry level Android phones.” An indication that Nokia still views there being life in its Series 40 range even if it doesn’t sport a fancy smartphone OS. The company also used the launch to announce a hook up with EA games and an enhancement to its Nokia Life Tools which has been renamed to just Nokia Life. Continue reading

Lumia_610 Nokia’s 4th W7 Mango phone – 610 – appears @ MWC12

Rating: Aimed at younger, more skint users (€189)

Well, a few more details have emerged on the latest W7 Mango phone from Nokia – the 610. It is priced at €189 and is expected to begin shipping in Q2 2012. At its news conference at MWC 2012 in Barcelona, Nokia confirmed that this handset will be perfectly capable of running all of the company’s ‘signature’ apps such as Nokia Maps, Nokia Drive, Nokia Transport and Nokia Music. Continue reading

Great GoMo News Lumata Lounge

Incognito Bar in Barcelona totally rocked last night. The Lumata Lounge was excellent and we had 16 different mobile advertising agencies there and 21 brands…. plus some developers…. and journalists

My highlight (because I am sad) was when the big mobile guys at Coca Cola walked in and I asked them what Coke was… it took them a few seconds to realise I was joking!

Anyway, it was a great party. Huge thanks to Lumata for sponsoring the event and to Andrew Durkin from Mustard PR. He was with me at my first ever blender five years ago and we have come full circle with the lounge. Continue reading

MWC 2012 NewsFlash: Skype for Windows Phone

Rating: Microsoft makes the announcement at Nokia Press Lumia 610 conference

A pretty bizarre mix of partnerships here. In order to make the front facing camera in the Lumia 900 worthwhile, apparently, Microsoft decided it needed a really good camera app. And that app is a beta version of Skype for Windows Phone which should be available in the Windows Phone Marketplace. It wasn’t there at the time of announcement, though Continue reading