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[ November 27, 2011 9:00 am to November 29, 2012 7:00 pm. ] Organiser: WIMA
Venue: San Francisco Arirport Marriott Waterfront Hotel
Location: San Francisco, USA

For WIMA NFC USA 2012 WIMA is building on previous innovation and enabling greater business opportunities within the event by adding new and exciting elements to drive forward the NFC ecosystem. Continue reading

mobile-roaming-roamer T-Mobile says British holiday-makers are a nation of ‘Smoasters’

Rating: That’s Social Media Boasters

Six out of ten Brits can’t live without ‘Smoasting’ (Social Media Boasting) whilst on holiday, according to research from T-Mobile UK. It also found that:- four in ten Brits log-on to Facebook and Twitter at least once a day whilst abroad; and almost half of Brits (45 per cent) will only tag themselves on a holiday photo if the location is glamorous and it will make them look good. Naturally this research has been timed to neatly coincide with T-Mobile’s Internet and Broadband Travel Boosters launch. When a traveller wants to ‘Smoast’, the network will automatically re-direct them to a page where they will be prompted to buy a booster. Wonder whose software’s behind this, then? Continue reading

vodafone-logo European roaming breakthrough: Vodafone offers simple, worry-free, integrated plan

Press release

June 29th 2012. Vodafone Group today announced that millions of Vodafone customers travelling within Europe this summer will for the first time benefit from new roaming price plans which combine calls, texts and mobile internet access for a daily payment of €3 or €4. The new roaming plans enable customers to use their communications services as though they were at home for a small payment on top of their current home market deals. Continue reading

Opera_data_roaming Opera report highlights cost of data roaming

Rating: Its tables provide hard stats for data in 9 countries

Roaming charges are making all the headlines at the moment. There are apocryphal tales of consumers spending two weeks data roaming abroad and getting a bill that takes two months to pay off. Just loading your own Facebook home page ten times can cost more than $50.00 – depending on home country and operator plan, of course. So Opera Software decided to take a close look at data roaming charges in the latest (May 2012) edition of its State of the Mobile Web Report. One of the report’s more surprising findings was that mobile users in two of the most advanced telecom nations on the world- Japan and the United Sates, are among those charged the most for data roaming. Naturally, the report shows how much you would save if you switch over to Opera’s Mini browser. Continue reading

Check out that date GoMo stumbles across UK banking app for BlackBerry

Rating: HSBC UK finally releases app for RIM phones, we think

You can never be quite sure about these things but GoMobile News thinks we have discovered that the HSBC Bank (in the UK) has finally released the version of its Fast Balance app for those with RIM BlackBerry smartphones. Our guess that this is a news scoop is based on the fact that the BlackBerry App World app store says the current version of this app was released on July 25th 2012. We’ve double-checked and it very definitely is still June 2012. The second clue was the fact that the QR code for downloading the BlackBerry version of this app suddenly appeared on the standard (HTML) version of the HSBC web site. Continue reading

Insights-2012 Wi-Fi, M2M offer better opportunities than data roaming legislation

MACH survey finds EU roaming regulation unlikely to significantly change usage patterns

Never mind the EU legislation on data roaming which is due to come into effect on July 1st [2012]. Wi-fi and M2M (machine-to-machine) communications stand a much better chance of changing the behaviour of mobile device users when roaming abroad. The is the conclusion of delegates to the recent MACH Insights conference in Prague who were survey by the event’s organiser – MACH. GoMobile News was there and confirm that the attendees were all shakers and movers in the global data roaming industry. It is particularly interesting to see how the cellular/mobile industry is finally waking up to the possibilities offered by Wi-fi roaming agreements. Continue reading

MACH_logo_12 Wi-Fi, M2M likely to offer more roaming growth opportunities for operators than legislation, MACH survey finds

EU roaming regulation not likely to create significant changes in usage patterns, survey says

Press release

June 26th 2012. The biggest growth opportunities in the roaming market for operators today exist in areas other than regulation, according to a survey conducted by MACH, the leading provider of cloud-based managed communication services. Wi-Fi and M2M both generated the most interest amongst delegates and industry experts at MACH Insights 2012. The survey, which questioned more than 100 representatives from global mobile network operators and CSPs (Communications Service Providers), found that more than three-quarters believe Wi-Fi (79 per cent) and M2M roaming (77 per cent) represent a great opportunity for revenue generation. Conversely, more than half (57 per cent) of respondents felt that roaming regulation is not likely to create significant changes in usage patterns, and that reducing the retail price of data to €0.20 / Mbyte is not sufficient to create positive price elasticity in the roaming market. Continue reading

Jane_Andrew Guest Post: Chinese telecom companies come under US Congressmen’s scrutiny

Jane Andrew looks at US concerns with ZTE and Huawei

ZTE and Huawei, considered among the Who’s Who of China’s telecom giants, have become the cause of apprehension for the US congress as concerns over their actions being detrimental to US national security mount. The duo has had to explain their connection with the Chinese government to another duo of US congressmen, as the telecom business hides in the garb of mobile phone spyware. Republicans Mike Rogers and C.A ‘Dutch’ Ruppersberger had the companies under the interrogation gun as they questioned the pair’s ‘interactions and relationships’ with regards to the government agencies of China. These agencies include the Chinese National Defence Ministry and their Ministry of State Security. Continue reading

Manx_telecom Support for Windows Phone (W7 Mango) wins Mobilethink contract

Rating: Helping Manx Telecom build its NGN for global eBusiness

Because Mobilethink’s device management solution (DMS) provides over-the-air (OTA) configuration settings for all devices including those running Windows Phone 7 (W7 Mango), its platform has been selected by Manx Telecom for its Next Generation Network (NGN). With increasing numbers of devices in the NGN likely to be running the Windows Phone 7 operating system, Mobilethink’s unique fix for WP7 phones which is included in its latest platform, was one of the reasons behind Manx Telecom’s decision to deploy the new DMS. Continue reading

inmobi-logo InMobi focuses on expanding its mobile ads workforce

Rating: Appoints award-winning Monisha Tambay as vp for Global People Operations

If you’re the largest independent mobile advertising network – as InMobi claims to be, and your company continues to expand rapidly, then you can’t keep growing without expanding your workforce. Which is why InMobi has created a new vp for Global People Operations. And InMobi seems to have recognised the need for more women in the mobile/cellular industry by appointing Monisha Tambay for this job. Moreover, Monisha has been recognised with two significant awards. Continue reading

windows_phone_8 Windows Phone 8 to hit stores in the Autumn

Rating: Appears to be favouring WP8 over WP7 (Mango)

Matt Rawlings writes, at Microsoft’s recent summit, fans of the Windows Phone handsets were expecting to hear news about the specifications and release date for the new Windows Phone 8 – the handset that is expected to rival the iPhone 5 and Samsung Galaxy S3 for the bestseller of 2012 tag. The customers who have stayed loyal to Microsoft over the years, opting to remain with the Windows Phone rather than moving to Apple, Samsung and the other competitors, were hoping for a grand announcement, giving all the details which they need to further enhance their view that the Windows Phone is the best option. However, there was no fanfare announcement, no glitter and streamers nor marching bands. Instead, there were a few sneak previews and a rough guestimate as to the release date. Continue reading

free receiving of calls - Beier Citizens’ campaign successful: EU Mobile roaming charges fall on July 1

Citizens’ Campaign got EU to lower prices much more than originally planned

Press release

June 27th 2012. Checking your e-mails, surfing the web and making calls while on holiday will once again become cheaper. On July 1st 2012, the newest EU rules against high roaming charges will come in force and cap prices for calls, SMS and internet use on the mobile. This is a success for the 150,000-strong campaign ‘Europeans for Fair Roaming‘ that brought down prices much more than originally planned. Continue reading

Jelly_bean Rumours surface of Google Nexus Tablet

Rating: Is it a Fire-killer or iPad killer?

There have been numerous reports that Google is plotting to launch its own tablet running the Android OS in the same way it released the Nexus smartphone. The expected tablet is widely assumed to have been manufactured for the search engine giant by Taiwan’s Asus and is therefore been codenamed the Asus Nexus 7. That’s largely because the device is supposedly going to feature a seven inch screen. Almost certainly, the tablet will be officially announced at some point during today’s Google I/O conference which is taking place in San Francisco today [June 27th 2012]. Continue reading Guest Post: Top Ten best free iPhone 4S apps categories

Gemma Jones & categorise the main type of free apps

Gemma Jones writes, with tons of apps available for free in from the iTunes App Store, an iPhone need never be boring. Answering user requirements, millions of apps to entice users to download have been developed worldwide. To help consumers find their way through this minefield, we’ve come up with a Top Ten list of categories into which the majority of apps can fit. These are: – social; travel; food; audio & video; weather & news; business; finance; task management & notes; remote access; and utilities. We’ve also come up with a few suggestions and recommendations. Continue reading

RIM-logo-2 Rumours surface that RIM may split itself in two

Rating: Google, Facebook, Microsoft all potential buyers

The British Sunday Times newspaper has published rumours that Research in Motion (RIM) may well be considering splitting itself into two separate parts. It’s a highly believable plan considering another former leading handset vendor, Motorola, did actually divide itself into two divisions. In this case, according to the newspaper, RIM would hive of the handset manufacturing part from its secure network operations service. The Sunday Times didn’t name its sources but there’s a very strong hint that such a plan could have been dreamed up by JP Morgan and Capital Markets, the two investment banks called in by new RIM CEO, Thorsten Heins. Possible buyers mentioned include Facebook, Google and even Microsoft. Continue reading