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OpenCloud_logo OpenCloud helps put operators back in driving seat

Rating: especially when it comes to developing premium voice services

The ‘cloud’ is helping to “put mobile operators back in control” – especially when it comes to voice based services, according to Mark Windle, head of marketing at OpenCloud, Until very recently, mobile operators were severely limited on the scope of ‘innovative’ new services which they could launch because they were almost entirely dependent on their infrastructure suppliers – the likes of Ericsson, Nokia Siemens and Alcatel- Lucent, to implement such services. Typical IN (Intelligent Network) back-ends were effectively proprietary but Windle claims the solutions his company’s software can provide are truly ‘Open’. Consequently, operators can utilise OpenCloud’s ‘Open’ platform to launch services which directly compete against OTT (Over-The-Top) providers – like Skype (and Apple with Facetime). Continue reading

Jan_Koum Whatsapp users suffer again from ‘pay-for-messages’ spoof

Rating: Jim Balsamic spoof migrates from BBM users

An unfortunate co-incidence appears to have affected some users of the popular IM (Instant Messaging) service – Whatsapp. At the same time as the service appeared to be experiencing slight problems with status messages, some clown sent out a spoof message (which we have reproduced below). Now the clue for us was the fact that the spoof included a message from one “Jim Balsamic” claiming to be CEO of Whatsapp.Here at GoMobile News we immediately spotted the name as a deliberate fake. The real CEO is Whatsapp co-founder, Jan Koum. Anyway, it seems that our spoofer(s) spotted an opportunity yesterday [November 29th 2012] when some users who went to their contacts book saw a system message saying ‘status unavailable’ or ‘ Status : error’. Continue reading

I_Retailing_logo IRX 2013 call for papers from retail industry shakers & movers

Rating: Mobile is, of course, currently the key area for retailers

Internet Retailing, which organises the Internet Retailing Expo (IRX) 2013, has issued a Call For Papers – offering a platform to retail industry leaders who want to share their innovative solutions that will change strategy for retailers. As we all know here at GoMobile News, mobile is now the key area for retailers. IRX claims to be the UK’s leading B2B exhibition for online and multi-channel retailers and the event is due to take place next year on March 20th-21st 2013 at the NEC in Birmingham, England. However, the deadline for papers is actually 14th December 2012, so you haven’t got much time. Continue reading

I_Retailing_logo Internet Retailing Expo (IRX) 2013

[ March 20, 2012 9:00 am to March 21, 2012 6:00 pm. ] Organiser: Internet Retailing
Venue: NEC (National Exhibition Centre)
Location: Birmingham, UK

IRX claims to be the only opportunity in the UK to blend marketing with technology, logistics with customer-facing design, mobile with In-store experience – the full range of skills and capabilities to sell in the multichannel era. Continue reading

Markit_logo Fund managers short sell Nokia in belief its stock will plunge

Investors betting on failure of its WP8 strategy

Finnish manufacturer Nokia is among European tech firms being targeted by hedge fund managers who are selling its stock short in anticipation its price will dive. Research conducted by Markit, which provides securities lending data, reveals 6.7 per cent of such shares are on “loan” to hedge fund managers who believe the tide is turning against Nokia and other big technology names. Continue reading

BPO - damaging the Virgin brand Virgin leaps ahead with free Wi-fi in Bradford and Leeds

Lampost network requires no subsidies or licensing

Britain’s Virgin Media is to be the first to offer city wide Wi-fi outside London, providing free mobile internet access to 1.2 million people in Bradford and Leeds via small cell transmitters. Though operated by the group’s corporate business arm, the service will be open to the public and is being ushered in under government plans to create a series of ‘super connected’ urban hubs. Earlier this month Virgin Media struck a deal to provide Wi-fi services to the London Underground, although it was beaten by O2 for the rights to equip Westminster with a similar network last year. Continue reading

madvertise-logo madvertise finds developers charge iPad owners more for apps

Rating: Something to do with them being generally young & wealthy

Major insights into European mobile app market are being offered in the the latest madreport from madvertise – one of the largest mobile audience targeting platforms in Europe. Key findings include the fact that there are more than three times the amount of iPhone apps available to download compared to the iPad. That’s despite the fact that over 100 million iPads have been sold to date, with iPhone sales coming in only a fraction higher at 108 million. However, despite less units being sold, the iPad actually has a higher percentage of paid apps. So it’s expensive to own an iPad – that’s official. Continue reading

header_logo_monitise Monitise shares plunge 7% on news it wants to raise £100m

City nervous about why it wants extra cash

Shares in British mobile banking firm Monitise were down nearly 7 per cent in midday trading today [29th November 2012] after it emerged that it was hoping to raise up to £100 million from institutional and strategic investors. CEO, Alastair Lukies, said the proceeds would be used to fund new mobile banking and commerce opportunities for financial institutions and payment companies. He added that more than 18 million customers were now registered with its mobile money services, compared with 5.5 million this time last year. Continue reading

Kole_McRae Guest Post: Seven things to include in your mobile website design

by Kole McRae, marketer with web design house - 9th sphere

When designing a mobile website, it is important to understand just who the end user will be. This will essentially help you design around your customer, creating an experience that is easier for them. You want your mobile website to be quick and easy to access and navigate as well. If this is a first attempt at mobile website design it is easiest to modify your existing internet site by making it compatible for mobile devices. Of course, this will mean changing the layout, design, and construction. However with some practice and continued improvement, you will master the art of mobile website design. Below are seven things to in include in your mobile website design. Continue reading

Cadbury gorilla - the power of high tech advertising NeoMedia lands its first brand licensee – Kraft Foods

Rating: Proves that QR codes are far from dead

Although NFC (Near Field Communication) might be the proximity technology of the moment, QR codes are far from dead. NeoMedia Technologies which now describes itself as a QR code pioneer (having once fought tooth and nail to keep calling them 2D barcodes), has finally landed its first brand licensee – Kraft Foods Group. In the UK, Kraft is probably best known for taking over Cadburys, the chocolate producer. NeoMedia has apparently awarded Kraft a worldwide, non-exclusive license to NeoMedia’s patents related to mobile barcode resolution. In exchange, Kraft has selected NeoMedia as an approved vendor for mobile barcode management solutions. Continue reading

NeoMedia_Logo2 NeoMedia licenses mobile barcode patents to Kraft Foods Group

Kraft selects NeoMedia as an approved vendor for mobile barcode management solutions

Press release

November 27th 2012. NeoMedia Technologies (OTC BB: NEOM), pioneers in the mobile barcode industry, has announced that it has granted Kraft Foods Group (NASDAQ: KRFT), a worldwide, non-exclusive license to NeoMedia’s patents related to mobile barcode resolution. In addition, Kraft has selected NeoMedia as an approved vendor for mobile barcode management solutions. Continue reading

Vodafone_alt_logo Bank analysts give Vodafone thumbs down as trading toughens

Share price likely to head south

UK mobile phone giant ,Vodafone, whose dividend pay-outs are reckoned the best in the industry, has had its share price downgraded by analysts at Berenberg Bank who reckon its prospects will “remain challenging” throughout the first half of next year. Though the bank still recommends a price target of 185 pence a share, it expects Vodafone’s service revenue trends to worsen as the issue of spectrum costs also threatens profitability. Earnings estimates for 2014 and 2015 are similarly likely to be hit, it’s suggested, down 2-3 per cent. Continue reading

maybe that will read nokia instead RIM in new setback as Swedish arbiter rules it is illictly using Nokia’s Wi-fi technology

Finnish manufacturer to seek ban on new BlackBerry sales on both sides of Atlantic

Canadian BlackBerry maker,RIM, has suffered a serious blow with a legal ruling that it was using Nokia’s patented Wi-fi technology without permission – a judgement that could delay the roll out of its latest smartphones. In court documents revealing the results of the Swedish arbitration ruling, Nokia yesterday [28th November 2012] outlined plans to block sales of BlackBerries in the Britain, USA and Canada unless the two sides can agree on royalties. Continue reading

kadridge_isharing Kadrige secure collaborative app for iPad users

Rating: Has all the bases covered on security side

Two major trends in the workplace are converging fast – remote working and BYOD (Bring Your Own Device). Spotting this opportunity, Kadrige Innovative Software has created what it claims is first of its kind – Kadridge iSharing a collaborative app for Apple iPad users. iSharing allows users to share interactive content as well as offering web app sharing. Plus users can organise conference calls and training sessions with hundreds of people, all connected at the same time. It has been specifically designed to meet the demands of remote working and therefore requires the minimum of bandwidth. The app will be released any time now. GoMobile News asked the vendor about security issues and the answers are given below. Continue reading

kadrige_logo Kadrige launches Kadrige iSharing and invents Real Mobility

Kadrige iSharing: the first collaborative application for instant sharing on iPad

Press release

November 23rd 2012. Kadrige Innovative Software, the app publishing division of Kadrige, the European leader in solutions for remote medical calls and SaaS web conferencing, has announced the launch of its iPad application: Kadrige iSharing. Designed for all types of industries that use the iPad as a collaborative work tool, it allows users to share interactive content and organise conference calls and training sessions with hundreds of people, all connected at the same time, as well as offering web app sharing. And all this regardless of bandwidth quality, thanks to the patented technology – Kadrige Everywhere. Continue reading