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RIM/BlackBerry may have ultimate BYOD killer app

Rating: Lost in the BB10 disappointment is BlackBerry Balance

Of course, it was about time that Research In Motion (RIM) finally got wise to the fact that in future we can finally refer to the maker of the BlackBerry smartphone as BlackBerry instead. Good move. Years too late, though. RIM displayed an obvious ignorance of the power of brands by not renaming beforehand, of course. Overall, the industry reaction to the new Z10 hasn’t been very positive. However, that’s probably because mobile generalists fail to appreciate what put the BlackBerry up the top in the first place. It is a corporate tool. And the introduction of the new BlackBerry Balance feature means that organisations will feel a lot safer about deploying these smartphones within their own BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) strategy. Continue reading

RIM’s shares down nearly 8% soon after BB10 launch

Shares in Canadian manufacturer RIM went into a nosedive in New York today [30th January] as investors seemingly acted unfavourably towards the firm’s vital BlackBerry launch.
Within less than an hour after CEO Thorsten Heins took to the stage at a nearby venue, the company’s shares plunged nearly 8 per cent to just under $15 by midday. Continue reading

GoMo hadn’t bricked its iPhone after all

Rating: We triumph over obscurity in the end

They say that necessity is the Mother of Invention. Well needing to test an iOS app, we decided to have another go at reviving our broken handset. We can now happily report that the iphone is now successfully connected to O2 in the UK. It is all down to activation. Continue reading

Jasper Wireless deploys Tekelec’s policy server to enable global M2M services

Sophisticated policy meets massive M2M scalability requirements

Press release

January 30th 2013. Jasper Wireless, the leading connected devices platform for machine-to-machine (M2M) and consumer electronics, is deploying Tekelec’s Policy Server (PCRF) to provide the scalability and flexibility M2M services require. Industry analyst and consulting firm Analysys Mason estimated that there were 100.4 million connected devices at the end of 2011, with the number rising to 2.1 billion by 2021. Continue reading

Tablets increase share of mobile ad impressions to 14% says Adfonic

Rating: Led by Amazon Kindle Fire which enjoyed 40% increase in ad requests over Xmas

During 2012 tablets experienced an increase in share of 56 per cent from Q2 to Q4. This indicates that, by Q4 2012, nearly one in every seven mobile ad impressions was on a tablet device. There’s a big battle going on amongst tablets between those which are Android based and those which run Apple’s iOS. After losing traction earlier in 2012, iOS devices rallied to be almost on par with iOS. In Q4 2012, iOS devices managed to achieve 41 per cent share, while Android ended up with 43 per cent share of ad impressions, just 2 percentage points ahead. Amongst Android devices, the Amazon Kindle Fire enjoyed a 40 per cent increase in ad requests over Xmas. However, iOS devices are still the winners in terms of CTRs. These findings come from a report from Adfonic entitled ‘Global AdMetrics Report’ for Q4 2012. Continue reading

Adfonic Global Admetrics report reveals tablets gain share of mobile advertising impressions throughout 2012

One in seven mobile ad impressions from tablets by Q4 2012

Tablets achieve 40% increase in mobile ad requests over the festive period led by Amazon Kindle Fire HD

Press release

January 30th 2012. Adfonic, the smarter buying platform, has released its Global AdMetrics Report for Q4 2012, showing that tablets’ share of mobile ad impressions climbed from 9 per cent in Q2 2012 to 14 per cent in Q4, indicating that nearly one in every seven mobile ads was displayed on a tablet by the end of the year. Tablets also made impressive gains over the festive period, increasing share of ad requests by 40 per cent, with Amazon’s Kindle Fire HD nearly doubling its share of Android tablet ad requests. Continue reading

BB_sales RIM will struggle to serve its two masters with BB10

Rating: BB10 device needs to be priced as premium or mass market

Industry pundits are waiting with bated breath to see what RIM will actually do when it announces its long awaited BlackBerry 10 device or devices today [January 30th 2013]. However, Malik Saadi, a principal analyst with Informa Telecoms & Media believes that RIM will struggle to serve its two masters: – the developed countries in North America and Europe and the emerging markets. Saadi argues the BlackBerry Curve has enabled RIM to attract a large audience in the other regions, mainly young professionals and students. If RIM is to target the same audience in these emerging markets, the new BB10 device should not be priced higher than US$250, Saadi says. That, of course, is unlikely to happen if RIM is to rebuild its image as a supplier of premium smartphones. Continue reading

China’s ZTE ratchets up for more smartphone sales

Chinese mobile giant ZTE has reaffirmed its plans to ship more high-end smartphones this year in a bid to increase profit margins and revenue.
Last week the company, rated as the world’s fourth-biggest handset maker, flagged a net loss of 2.9 billion yuan ($467 million) for 2012 after poor Q4 results. Continue reading

Imagination’s shares leap back on buy recommendation

Shares in Imagination Technologies jumped more than 8 per cent to 474 pence in early trading today after Morgan Stanley upgraded its recommendation on the stock to overweight, the equivalent of a buy rating.
It also raised its price target to 570 pence from 450 pence. Continue reading

New BlackBerry phone ‘available at Vodafone stores from tomorrow’

Comes free with a two year contract, it’s claimed

Vodafone customers will be able to get their hands on RIM‘s new BlackBerry 10 phones within less than 24 hours of today’s launch, it’s claimed. According to The Verge website which says it was tipped off by one of the carrier’s employees, an internal memo reveals how customers will be able to order their BlackBerry Z10 online at 5pm today and then pick it up at any Vodafone store tomorrow [January 31st 2013]. Continue reading

Lawrence Garvin Guest Post: BYOA – how can organisations prepare?


BYOA (Bring Your Own Application) is bound to be the next step after the BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) trend and become the latest IT manager’s headache. So should IT departments be preparing for BYOA? What can they learn from BYOD in readiness for the likely onslaught? Continue reading

Get ready to switch to RIM’s BB10

Rating: GoMo’s Top Tips for migrating from an old Berry to the latest models

With RIM all set to launch the very latest version of its mobile OS – BlackBerry 10, tomorrow [January 30th 2013], it has drawn our attention to the process of migrating from one BlackBerry model to another. The need for backups is therefore a must. GoMobile News thought it might be useful to provide some Top Tips for doing so from our recent experience of migrating from an 8250 to a 9320. We don’t know how much easier it might be to migrate to a BB10 device yet but there’s no harm in being safe rather than sorry. Continue reading

Sun highlights need for real time fraud protection

Rating: Scare story could hinder sales of data roaming packages

Under the headline ‘Network cashing in on crime’, the British newspaper – the Sun on Sunday wrote an article which could seriously scare ordinary folk away from taking their mobile phone with them on holiday. Which could damage mobile operators’ efforts to sell custom data roaming packages to their subscribers – especially business folk. With MWC 2013 fast approaching, this story could also have implications for attendees too. The crux of the issue is that network operators continue to charge subscribers for calls made after a phone has been stolen and until the theft is reported. Continue reading

Brits pile into class action against Google over snooping

Hundreds of British iPhone users have joined a class action lawsuit against Google over claims it illicitly installed cookies on their devices to track their web habits.
With around ten million iPhone users in the UK, a legal settlement could cost the search giant dearly as word spreads of the compensation demands Continue reading

Shawn_kernes ex-eBay & StubHub man Shawn Kernes joins BuzzMob

Rating: Helping to develop BuzzMob’s location-based mobile social network for events

As something of a coup, BuzzMob, which was only founded back in 2011 in Irvine, California, USA has hired a new Chief Technology Officer (CTO). The company has managed to entice an industry Shawn Kernes with over 15 years of technology and development experience away from eBay. Kernes served as eBay’s senior director of product development, where he led implementation and support initiatives for the company’s international technology solutions programme. He is, perhaps, best known for his role as the founding CTO at StubHub, an online marketplace for sports, concerts and theatre events tickets that was acquired by eBay in 2007. Continue reading