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telecoms_big_data Telecoms Big Data & Analytics Forum

[ May 6, 2013 10:00 am to May 7, 2013 7:00 pm. ] Organiser: Tavess
Venue: Dusit Thani
Location: Dubai , UAE

Big Data was the buzzword of 2012 as operators explored and understood the potential business value of Big Data. Continue reading

BlackBerry_HQ BlackBerry didn’t dupe investors over stock value, rules judge

Failings don’t equate to fraud

A class action brought by disaffected BlackBerry shareholders, accusing the troubled manufacturer of trying to hide its falling market position, has been thrown out by a US judge. The action, filed by investor Robert Shemian, sought to recover losses on behalf of other US shareholders who bought the company’s stock from December 2010 through to June 2011 when shares in BlackBerry – then known as RIM – commanded as much as $75. Continue reading

join the gomo whatsapp group Nokia S60 handsets capable of running whatsapp

Rating: Notice that the N73 is NOT on this list

Here at GoMo Towers we are constantly being asked the same question – mainly from our loyal readers in India and Asia Pacific. It is … Can the Nokia N73 run the popular messaging application app – whatsapp? No it can’t.  If it could, then N73 owners could contact millions of other whatsapp users around the world. The bad news is that the N73 NOT on the list of Nokia Series 6 handsets which support whatsapp. We’ve reprinted the list of Nokia handsets which CAN run whatsapp below. You might be wondering why the N73 isn’t included but the N78 is, for example? Continue reading

Hey, you get off of my iCloud

Rating: GoMo reader not too happy with male mail feature

The first must-have accessory for any keen iPhone user, it seems, is a personal computer. Have you ever tried to active an iPhone without one? Anyway, the second disadvantage to not possessing some kind of PC or Mac is personal data backup. One GoMo News reader has discovered this to his cost since he is in the habit of frequently losing his handset or dropping it into a sink (loo), etc. Which is a pain because he kept on losing all of his contacts and email. No problems, we told him. Just make sure you set up the iCloud on your smartphone next time you use it. Except we hadn’t realised just how useless the iCloud Mail feature is. Continue reading

Apple may go with Bluetooth like the i'm Sport Apple’s iWatch could face patent challenges

Rating: More than just a legal dispute over names

GoMo News has already speculated in a previous story – ‘Apple faces major challenges over iWatch‘, that the iconic US company (Apple) is facing seriously technological challenges.  If it truly is determined to introduce a digital watch (iWatch. In our view the only real path to follow is to use low power Bluetooth between a watch and a mobile device – iPhone, iPod or iPad. What we hadn’t appreciated before, however, was just how far an Italian manufacturer of digital watches, i’m Watch has actually got. Continue reading

GoMo is media partner for Global AR Summit

Rating: Key event in Shanghai for augmented reality sector

Having been key followers of events surround Augmented Reality (AR), GoMo News is delighted to announce that this publication has become an official media partner of the Global AR Summit 2013. The event will take place between May 23rd – May 24th in Shanghai, China.  The organisers, DEMAND-LED are promising a star-studded list of speakers from Big Names such as Google, Sony, Nokia and Huawei. To register go here. Continue reading

Global_AR_Summit Global AR Summit Shanghai 2013

[ May 23, 2013 9:00 am to May 24, 2013 9:00 am. ] Organizer: DEMAND-LED
Venue: Crowne Plaza
Location: Shanghai China

High end summit gathering worldwide, leading augmented reality professionals Continue reading

Sultan_khan Guest Post: The future for iAd

by Sultan Khan, CEO with AdMaxim

When Apple unveiled iAd back in 2010, it seemed the mobile advertising equivalent of Nirvana. Here was state of the art technology that enabled advertisers to create beautiful in-app rich media ads to target a ready-made community of iOS device users. Three years on and the picture is more complicated. The short answer as to whether iAd has a future has to be “Yes.” iAd has a number of rich interactive ad types and is backed by Apple which already has a sizeable footprint so it will always be attractive to advertisers. Continue reading

money_mobile_txtnation 101: Direct operator Billing/Direct Carrier Billing

Sponsored by txtNation

Within the mobile and cellular worlds, there’s a growing appreciation  of the true worth of DoB (Direct operator Billing) or Direct Carrier Billing as it is often referred to in North America. Essentially DoB is an easy way of making payments to purchase goods or service by placing the charge against a prepay or postpaid mobile phone’s bill. Mobile network operators (MNOs) and MVNOs (Mobile Virtual Network Operators) alike see Direct operator Billing as a means to regain ground lost to the online majors such as Google (Play); Apple (iTunes); and Amazon in mobile commerce (m-commerce). This is especially true now that MNOs and MVNOs have come to accept that their own portals cannot compete effectively with the online giants. We suggest you contact a DoB specialist (such as txtNation) for a full list of territories in which DoB/DOC is offered. 1 Continue reading

BlackBerry Z10 1 in 6 shipped BlackBerries was BB10

Rating: Subscriber base staple at around 76 million users

In its fourth quarter results announced today [March 28th 2013], BlackBerry revealed modest figures for its latest BB10 handset. It revealed that one in six of all BlackBerry handsets shipped had, in fact, been a Z10. It had also shipped around 370,000 BlackBerry PlayBooks (tablets). BlackBerry CEO, Thorsten Heins, appeared happy at the strength of support BB10 had been getting from developers and partners worldwide. Continue reading

irep_logo Huge mismatch in mobile ad growth & revenues generated

Rating: Mobil users need better ways to pay

There’s been a lot of attention given recently to the fact that whilst we have seen tremendous growth in advertising on mobile, in terms of generating revenue the industry is giving a lackluster performance. A lot of these reports are based on a story on the Mobile Rogue Wave written by two French journalists here. Naturally, the writers ere basing some of their views on figures from the French audit bureau of circulation (called OJD). However, the pair seem to have had access to figures produced by an organisation called IREP which we think is a Japanese company here. Anyway, these revelations have sparked interest from Jeff Glueck, CEO of leading mobile browser platform provider, Skyfire who spoke to GoMo News. Continue reading

97% of all Swedish mobile users can send money to each other via mobile

Press release

June 26th 2012. Sweden’s new mobile payment solution, WyWallet, has just been launched. Now it will be possible for Telia, Tele2, Telenor and 3′s customers to share a bill at the pub, pay bus fare or shop online directly. WyWallet’s mobile pay solution is the first of its kind in Sweden. WyWallet is the four major Swedish operators’ mobile payment solution for virtually all Swedish mobile users. Cooperation between Telia, Tele2, Telenor and 3 is unique – no other market has a similar collaboration between leading operators. The joint venture (4T) behind WyWallet will make it easier for customers of the various operators and to trade in their development of payment services for mobile. Continue reading

maybe that will read nokia instead Investors gamble against BlackBerry turnaround

Nearly third of stock held by short sellers, waging price will fall

Shares in BlackBerry look set to continue their nosedive after it emerged that a record number of investors are betting against the company’s recovery. On Monday it was revealed how US sales of BlackBerry’s flagship Z10 appeared to be sluggish, having debuted three days’ earlier. But now new data from Nasdaq suggests that nearly a third of BlackBerry’s stock is held by short sellers – intermediaries who profit when prices drop. Continue reading

Easy Trip logo Easytrip teams up with O2 for first mobile toll payments solution

Press release

November 14th 2012. Easytrip has announced the launch of its new Charge2Mobile toll payment service, in partnership with O2. The first of its kind, the service will provide a more convenient channel for paying tolls on the M50 for car drivers who currently pay by cash. Available immediately to O2 customers in the Republic of Ireland, Easytrip hopes to rollout its Charge2Mobile tolls offering across other networks over the coming months and to add to its support team for this new service. Continue reading

Juniper_mobile_content Mobile operator share of content market plummets, but direct carrier billing offers $13bn revenue opportunity by 2017

Implementation boosts conversion rates and average transaction size, says Juniper Research

Press release

March 6th 2013. Revenues from mobile content, monetised through direct carrier billing, is expected to rise from $2 billion last year [2012] to more than $13 billion by 2017, according to a new report from Juniper Research. Continue reading