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fiksu_logo_biz Fiksu tracking hits 100bn app user actions across 1bn downloads

Cost per loyal user rises just 5% to $1.36

Through its mobile app marketing platform, Fiksu says it indexes depict a steady landscape for mobile app downloads and marketing costs in March 2013. The company has reached something of a landmark having recorded its one hundred billionth app user action and driven more than one billion app downloads. This data from its platform provides the foundation its analysis of the mobile app marketing sector and its ability to drive real-time optimisation of ad campaigns. In March 2013, the Fiksu cost per loyal user index increased by five per cent (or by seven cents) to $1.36 – from February’s $1.29. That’s despite a 12 per cent year-over-year increase in daily download volumes. Continue reading

Bissol_Calibre788 The iWatch might look something like this …

Okay. We’re winding you up it’s just an iPhone 5 accessory

When GoMo News first spotted the photo (left), we really thought it might have something to do with the much-rumoured Apple iWatch. After all, the Cupertino based supplier really does need to come out with a new product line fast. However, it turns out to be simply a high quality timepiece for the iPhone 5 – made by the PTB Design Corporation in Vancouver, Canada. The firm appears to use the brand name Bissol to make it sounds luxurious. Actually, the product name is Calibre 788. Just don’t try to buy one just yet. Continue reading

stroppa - hands currently tied JOYN or Big Data – two reactions to SMS losing to OTT

There must be gold in them there texts somewhere

The recent news (see here) from Informa Telecoms & Media that OTT (Over-The-Top) messaging services like WhatsApp are overtaking SMS/texting has created a flurry of activity within the mobile and cellular industry. For example, the solution proposed by Florent Stroppa, who is general manager for Europe with OnMobile, is that MNOs (Mobile Network Operators) should embrace joint initiatives like JOYN. By contrast, Gordon Rawling, who is director for EMEA marketing with Oracle Communications, thinks that Communication Service Providers (CSPs) should mine their customer data in order to stay relevant to subscribers and protect valuable revenue streams. In order words, the solution is Big Data. Continue reading

Sharon_Robinson Guest Post: Using survey apps for better client interaction

by Sharon B. Robinson, a writer for Dooblo

Getting to know your clients on a personal basis is the perfect way for improving client service and improving your product so as to optimize sales. In a company of any size it is impossible and impractical to receive input from all your clients, however it is still desirable to receive feedback from a cross section of them. Phone surveys and door-to-door surveys have been used over the years to obtain information from clients. Unfortunately, these two methods often caused client resentment and angst rather than better client interaction. Unless you are still a youngster the reasons for this are self-evident. Continue reading

could dunstone sell talktalk to ee? Carphone pockets millions as it gets back its stake in joint European venture with Best Buy

Sold 50% stake for over a £1bn but getting it back costs less than half that

Britain’s Carphone Warehouse has revealed its buying the other half of its European operation jointly owned with America’s Best Buy, in a deal costing £471 million. It means that Carphone’s chairman, Charles Dunstone, who sold a 50 per cent stake in Carphone Warehouse Europe to Best Buy for £1.1 billion in 2008, gets his stake back at less than half the US giant retailer paid for it. Under the terms of the purchase £341 million will be paid in cash with the balance made by giving Best Buy an £80 million stake in Carphone Warehouse plus £50 million of deferred cash payable in two equal instalments. Continue reading

Kantar_smartphones Android tightens its grip as top smartphone platform

Launch of Galaxy S4 could make it even more dominant

Latest figures from research firm Kantar show Android is becoming increasingly dominant as a smartphone platform, and is set to extend its lead. It found that in almost every global region the Google OS had a bigger slice of sales, accounting for 58.3 per cent of smartphones in the UK alone during the first three months of this year [2013], compared to 48.3 per cent a year earlier. Android has also surged ahead of Apple’s iPhone in key markets such as Japan and the USA, and is even more dominant in Europe and Greater China. Continue reading

scoopshot Scoopshot develops user generated content authenticity programme

New tools help media companies quickly verify User Generated Content (UGC)

Press release

April 30th 2013. It is now possible to verify the authenticity of user generated content quickly and efficiently. Scoopshot, the premier visual content crowdsourcing service, has developed a patent-pending technology that automatically analyses user generated still and video images. The verification process displays each uploaded image with a graphical tag depicting the authenticity score based on key authentication factors. Authentication has now become part of the editing process. Continue reading

thl GoMo encounters low cost Android smartphones from THL

Rating: Low cost Android but its specs are missing

A while back GoMo News wrote about the emergence of a low cost ‘Mobile Phone Windows G3′ from Ananda Industrial (trading as Anandasy) - here. The company was adamant it was a genuine Windows Mobile Phone. Now the firm seems to have gone into the Android clone sector in a big way with a new brand ‘THL’. The manufacturer was particularly keen to interest me in a model called the ‘THL W8′. Continue reading

Fashion accounts for around 83% of young men’s online spend

Research from Rakuten LinkShare also reveals that men will be shunning the high street this year with 85% preferring to shop online

A quarter of 26-35 year old men spend at least £900 per year on clothing online 1 in 2 men aged 18-35 have a shopping app installed on their phone.

Over three-quarters of men are tempted to buy fashion online due to a free delivery offer or voucher code discount (78%)

Press release

April 25th 2013. Whilst women may normally be perceived as shopaholics, new research from leading CPA network, Rakuten LinkShare, shows that men spend over three quarters of their average annual online spend on fashion. Ofcom estimates that UK consumers spend an average of £1,083 each year online1, and Rakuten LinkShare’s research reveals that nearly one in four 26-35 year old men spends at least £900 per year on clothing online (24 per cent), the equivalent of 83 per cent of their annual online spend.2 Continue reading

Huawei_carrier_logo Huawei CEO brushes off flotation and need for more transparency

Doesn’t need investors poking around

China’s Huawei has no intention of listing within the next five to ten years, its CEO Ren Zhengfei has stated, despite the fact that an IPO and the transparency that comes with it might help dispel security fears about the company. Last week it emerged how Huawei, the world’s No.5 smartphone maker and just behind Sweden’s Ericsson in telecom equipment sales, had no interest in selling in the USA anymore where its sales efforts have been repeatedly blocked by concerns about whether it still has state links, not to mention its founder’s past as an officer in the Red Army. Continue reading

strong demand for  physical keyboard smartphone BlackBerry Q10 is Selfridges’ fastest-ever selling tech product

Rating: Plus you can now run Skype on a BB10 device

The very latest BB10 based handset, the BlackBerry Q10 smartphone went on sale on Friday 26th April [2013] and – in the UK and was exclusively available in Selfridges’ stores in London, Birmingham and Manchester stores. The leading High Street retailer has subsequently claimed that in less than 24 hours the Q10 gained the title as the department store’s fastest-ever selling consumer electronics product. Pre-orders for the BlackBerry Q10 on, which launched on Wednesday, 24th April [2013], have exceeded all expectations with over 30,000 page views of the pre-order page within the first two days of the exclusive announcement. So the Brits obviously still get excited by BlackBerry’s smartphones. Continue reading

e20_car Vodafone/Mahindra claim first truly connected car

Rating: Vodafone provides M2M for India’s revolutionary e2o car

Talk about radio controlled cars. This isn’t a model – it is the real thing thanks to Vodafone’s M2M (machine-to-machine) communication service. The UK based operator is providing this capability to recently launched e2o electric vehicle. The e2o is built by Mahindra Reva Electric Vehicles, part of the$15.9 billion Mahindra Group. “The e2o is the first and only Indian car, and among the few worldwide, to have telematics based features that enable ‘anytime, anywhere connectivity’ between our customers and their cars,” observed Chetan Maini, founder of Mahindra Reva Electric Vehicles. Continue reading

John_Oswald Guest Post: Apple’s iTunes turns 10 years old

by John Oswald, business design lead, with Fjord

Apple reached a milestone on Sunday [April 28th 2013] with its iTunes online service turning ten years old. Today it is so easy to forget how ‘revolutionary’ this fore-runner of the modern app store actually was. iTunes legitimised digital music in an era where MP3s were synonymous with piracy. Continue reading

join the gomo whatsapp group Chat apps threat to mobile revenues as they overtake SMS as preferred means of messaging

Research by media consultancy Informa has revealed that “over the top” messaging via chat apps such as Apple’s iMessage and WhatsApp is now popular than SMS, undermining mobile operators’ traditional revenues.
The rapid rise of chat apps since their introduction over the last five years is even seen by some analysts as a threat to Facebook’s social networking dominance. Continue reading

apple-logo-spyglass Apple needs to attract to emerging markets to keep smartphone crown

Rating: Juniper smartphone research show small rise for Apple

It seems that Apple managed a small rise in its smartphone shipments according to the latest estimates from mobile analyst firm, Juniper Research. The firm reckons Apple sold something like 37.4 million iPhones in Q1 2013 compared to 35.1 million in the same period last year [2012]. Overall, around 200 million smartphones are estimated to have been shipped in Q1 2013. No surprises for guessing who came out best.  Samsung’s estimated 68 million smartphones represent 34 per cent of all smartphone shipments in the quarter. So, if Apple is to retain its smartphone crown, it will have to take drastic steps. Continue reading