3 has now officially gone in Australia

But you still get fear-free roaming in Aussie-land as a 3UK customer

We were doing a bit of research here at GoMo Towers when we suddenly noticed a message on the Vodafone Australia web site here. The headline read ‘Thank you and Goodnight – Three is now closed in Australia’.  We were panicking a bit because Australia is one of the eleven countries where 3UK  customers can use their phones for fear-free roaming. But it turns out that since 3 and Vodafone merged in 2009, the pair have been taking steps towards becoming the one brand – Vodafone [in Australia]. GoMo News reckons that the same thing will happen to T-Mobile and Orange customers in the UK eventually. Subscribers on the two merged networks will simply find themselves on EE.

EE was formerly known as Everything Everywhere but the new CEO soon put paid to that daft branding and shortened the name to EE.

Anyone, any Aussies on 3 in Australia were given heaps of notice about moving their service before the deadline of August 30th [2013] – when the company officially said goodbye to the 3 (Australia) brand.

It was the online service for 3 Australia – My3- which officially closed a few days ago December 1st [2013] and the contact numbers for 3 care will close on 6th January 2014.

The intriguing question is will Hutchison Whampoa (HWL) do anything new in Australia? After all, when it sold Orange in the UK, it re-appeared a few years later with 3.

Maybe we’d better check that ’5′ as a brand hasn’t gone yet? After all, as those who attended the Beyond 4G conference last month in Taiwan, will know – Asia is already planning its 4G networks.

Oh. And anyone who doesn’t know what ‘free-free roaming ‘ is, should read our earlier story here.

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