7 effective mobile SEO tips to maintain your ranking in mobile search

by Rajveer Singh Rathore, who works with SEO First Page

Mobile SEO [Search Engine Optimisation] is currently the hot topic in the online marketing world. According to mobile marketer, more than 30 per cent searches for brands come through mobile devices. This clearly indicates why brands are paying heed to mobile SEO. In addition, Google has made several changes to its search algorithms, with the aim of improving web surfing in mobile devices. Mobile-ready sites will be rewarded with good rankings while sites which make mobile browsing difficult will be penalised. So it is time that website owners start working on optimising their site for mobile users. Here are my Top Seven handy tips for succeeding with mobile SEO.

1. Start with keywords

Your targeted keywords might be giving you great results for your desktop site, but those same keywords don’t guarantee same results for mobile search too. Size here plays an important factor.

Screens of mobile devices are smaller than desktops. Since the available space for typing is small, users tend to make keywords and key phrases more precise, which have given rise to mobile-specific keywords.

Mobile SEO demands the use of mobile-specific keywords. While optimising your site for mobile, take out time to find keywords that are popular in mobile searches.

Optimise your site text with shorter keywords and key phrases. Shortening the long tail queries will also keep up keyword relevancy.

2. Don’t go for separate URLs

Leave out the option of making separate URLs for mobile searches. Having two different URLs for desktop and mobile sites will confuse your visitors.

If they have visited a post on your site and want to find it again on their smartphone, then a single URL will help them to find and share the content more easily.

On the other hand, a different URL will require more searching, which can irritate users causing them to leave your site, and Google does notice such retreats.

3. Local search matters

Many expert mobile marketers consider local search to be an essential factor of mobile searches on smartphone.

You must know that not all Internet users have intention of online shopping.

There are several users who use local search to find store outlets in their areas and then make offline purchases.

Some even make direct calls from search results and such users don’t even bother to visit the home page.

Hence, spend time to find local search keywords and optimise your site with those keywords.

4. Make your site responsive

Many enterprises are inclined to have a mobile-specific website. But Google’s latest advice indicates that a responsive site is better than mobile-specific one.

Responsive web design is extremely beneficial for mobile SEO, and there are several reasons for it.

First of all, two different sites create differences in user experience, which is not good for mobile SEO.

People who are used to desktop version of your site might not have satisfying experience in the mobile version.

Also, creating an entirely new site would mean that you have to optimise the site from scratch, which means that your mobile SEO will take a lot of time before you can see the results.

A responsive site, on the other hand, delivers a satisfying user experience and also sustains important SEO elements like URLs, and tag descriptions.

Furthermore, performing mobile SEO on responsive site would give you quicker results.

5. Reduce content

Your desktop site is rich in content. It contains educating videos and enticing images that prove to be very useful in user engagement.

But, keeping same content for mobile searches would be a big mistake. A big reason for this is the loading time.

Google is very savvy in finding sites that make mobile browsing difficult and page loading time stands among one such factor.

So cut down the content. Instead of keeping videos on every single page, keep just one video.

Also, lower the number of images. Reducing the content would decrease the page load time thereby helping you to get noticed by search engines.

6. Pay attention to user context

Certain specifics like loading time and good navigation are considered to be important parameters for mobile SEO.

These parameters are important because they relate to user context, which in turn is used by Google to rank websites.

Frictions, unresponsiveness and delays cause discomfort to mobile users, and when mobile users meet with such discomfort, they immediately leave pages.

So it is important that enterprises start paying attention to user context. Try to know the intent and context of your visitors. Spend time to observe and understand behaviors of your mobile customers and put elements that can relate more and more to user context.

7. Don’t forget social media

Social media should not be left out in mobile SEO. Ensure that your mobile-ready site enables social sharing.

Enabling users to share URLs encourage content distribution. These sites are very effective in driving traffics, which in turn is extremely useful in improving search ranks.

Hence, social media still remains an important SEO factor for mobile searches too.

Following these tips will help you to get good ranks as well as maintain your ranking in mobile searches.

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Rajveer Singh Rathore works with SEO First Page, a leading mobile search engine marketing services provider in India. If you are looking for ethical and effective search engine optimisation service in India, SEO First Page is a great option. Rajveer Singh Rathore is passionate about the latest online marketing trends, and he loves to share his ideas and opinions by blogging. You can connect with Rajveer Singh Rathore on Twitter as @hearthackersss.

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  1. JR John says:

    I always start with keywords – crafting my title with keywords, and writing the post ONLY with the reader in mind.

    If your reader loves your post, so will the search engines.

    Just my advice,
    JR John

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