A new IM service that’s simply quackkers

Quack! app is brill delivery mechanism for video ads

ads cannot eat users' gigabytes - vila

About the last thing you’d ever expect to be launched into the mobile industry would be yet another IM [Instant Messaging] service. Yet speaking to Fernando Vila and Guillermo Cardona (founder and international development manager respectively) of Quack! Messenger last week [July 2014], GoMo News was convinced the company had a strong future.They weren’t crackers! Why? Because Quack! isn’t just about messaging. It’s a clever way of delivering rich media ads plus it’s a really attractive revenue share model. There’s also some pretty neat technology behind the delivery of the ads to the IM client app. GoMo News also saw the best demo of a video ad running on a regular smartphone we’ve seen to date.

The reason for chatting with Fernando and Guillermo was simple – the company had just launched its service into the UK.

It’s actually a Spanish product so some of GoMo News‘ readers may already be familiar with the service under its original name of Chad2Win but it’s been Anglised to Quack! Messenger for the international market.

From the demo GoMo News saw, it’s easy to see that whilst ads are delivered to the smartphone’s screen whilst you tap away at your messages, they don’t get in the way.

Quack also service up its video ads using data compression as Vila put it – “advertising cannot eat the user’s gigabytes!”

However, the quality was astonishing. Users can chose to view an ad they like in full screen mode and we’ve never seen video quality like this before.

From the consumer’s perspective, the most attractive feature is the fact that Quack shares some 30 per cent of the ad revenues with its users. So they are effectively paid for viewing the ads.

Currently the client works on both iOS and Android and as Vila explained, he only has about 15 people on his team and developing clients for the other 5% or so of the market isn’t on his list of priorities.

The next market which Quack! Intends to move into is Germany. Although given their team beat Argentina in the World Cup last night [July 13th 2014] that plan might go on the back burner.

GoMo News is hoping the pair will go with our own suggestion – India. Neither would be drawn on the subject but Vila did smile and say that the beauty of being a relatively small company is that you’re “flexible and fast”.

Download the Android version from here and the iOS version from here.

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