A2P Messaging Revenues set to overtake P2P

Ubiquity & reliability of SMS prevails over OTT

A2P messaging is set to be worth nearly $60 billion by 2018, up from $55 billion in 2013, according to Juniper Research, and that will drive overall SMS revenues. A2P (Application-to-Person) SMS is defined as messages which are sent both to and from an application. will be worth almost $60 billion by 2018. The reach and reliability which SMS affords organisations looking to contact customers and employees remains far greater than many other forms of communication, the company claims.

The report entitled ‘Mobile Messaging Markets: IM, Social, SMS, MMS, Email, RCS/RCS-e 2014-2018‘ found that A2P SMS would see growth both in terms of traffic and revenues over the forecast period.

For organisations such as financial services or ticketing providers, SMS is the most secure and reliable option for A2P communications.

Furthermore, Junipre calims texts are ubiquitous – almost all handsets can receive SMS.

However, the fact that OTT messaging platforms frequently do not interoperate, and there are still a significant number of people without data plans, means they’re not appropriate for A2P communications.

Nonetheless, the growth in A2P SMS revenues comes at the same time as P2P (person-to-person) SMS revenues are in decline.

Mobile operators are losing out as their customers switch to OTT messaging platforms which have the allure of ‘free’.

MNOs have reacted by aggressively bundling messaging into cheaper deals for users, squeezing their messaging ARPU and subsequently – total revenues.

Other key findings include: -

  • By 2018, IM (Instant Messaging) traffic will stand at 63 trillion messages, but only account for just over $3 billion in revenues
  • Far East & China will generate the most traffic across all mobile messaging formats, throughout the forecast period

A whitepaper  ”Mobile Messaging – War of the Words’ is available to download free from the Juniper here.

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One Response to A2P Messaging Revenues set to overtake P2P

  1. Interesting, as this is largely an event happening outside the United States. The carriers in the USA saw this battle coming in 2011 and decided to offer unlimited texting and texting plans on the cheap. Therefore, though the messaging apps are popular when communicating with friends and family from outside the USA, for messaging P2P inside the USA, the old tried and true SMS is still the preferred method of transmission.

    Obviously those outside the USA paying per text have monetary reasons to jump on the OTP messaging players. Here in the States, the carriers removed that barrier long ago, hence the low usage numbers for the likes of WhatsApp, etc in the States.

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