adjust announces deal with Deutsche Telekom to provide global app tracking and analytics

adjust, formerly known as adeven, is now Deutsche Telekom’s official mobile app tracking and attribution partner

adjust is ePrivacy certified, meets stringent EU privacy laws and uses SSL encryption for data transfer

better power marketing tools - henschel

May 14th 2014. adjust, a leading international app analytics and attribution firm has announced a significant partnership with Deutsche Telekom, seeing them placed as official mobile app tracking and attribution partner. adjust is already implemented in several Telekom apps such as Das Oertliche, TopApps, Gelbe Seiten and TankenApp available on Android and iOS.

Last week [May 2014] the Apple App Store hit over one million apps and Google’s Play Store was not far behind with nearly eight hundred thousand, making app marketing essential for standing out in the crowd.

But, the million-dollar question always needing to be answered is which advertising source gives the most valuable users?

adjust’s platform combines attribution for advertising sources with advanced analytics and store statistics such as rankings, ratings and reviews.

Attribution, which connects a click to an ad source, means that Deutsche Telekom mobile app marketers are able to tell where a user came from and when they install the app.

This is done through adjust’s URL based tracking and integration with 200 other networks including Facebook as a mobile measurement partner.

In the analytics department, adjust offers cohort analysis in addition to deliverable analytics that count sales, events, sessions, installs and clicks.

This means being able to group users together by common criteria such as the install time. KPIs can then be, for example, normalised over the lifetime of the user.

adjust also offers power marketing tools that include fallback and reattribution for re-engagement campaigns.

CEO and co-founder of adjust, Christian Henschel said, “We’re pleased to be able to support Deutsche Telekom on a global level and through our soon to be announced Preferred Data Program, we’ll be able to offer clients such as Deutsche Telekom even better power marketing tools such as enhanced, more accurate re-engagement and retargeting campaigns.”

adjust have seen more than 400 enterprise clients added to their rapidly expanding client list in Q1 2014 alone.

In addition to Deutsche Telekom, global brands include major household names such as Baidu, Buzzfeed, Scout Group, Universal Music and Viacom. adjust also delivers mobile analytics to the world’s largest advertising and media agencies including Vivaki, Publicis and GroupM.

adjust is ePrivacy certified; meets stringent EU privacy laws; and uses SSL encryption for data transfer.

About adjust (formerly adeven)

A mobile app tracking and analytics company based in Berlin and San Francisco, adjust provides app businesses with a comprehensive business intelligence platform. As an official Facebook Mobile Measurement Partner, adjust is integrated with over 200 other major networks worldwide. With the broadest network and market coverage, adjust ensures that marketers and publishers know exactly how their app is performing anywhere in the world. adjust is also the only mobile analytics company to meet stringent EU privacy compliance standards. adjust’s streamlined dashboards display understandable and actionable metrics. These insights allow publishers to quickly and correctly attribute the most effective marketing practices with the highest ROI to specific campaigns, networks and creative assets. Clients include some of the world’s largest brands in Asia, the EU and the Americas, such as Baidu, Deutsche Telekom, Universal Music and Viacom. adjust delivers app analytics to the world’s largest advertising and media agencies including Vivaki, Publicis and GroupM.

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