ALAC audio file format CAN be read by Android devices

GoMo News answers reader’s question on Apple’s file format

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As we get closer to Xmas, Here at GoMo Towers, we’ve always noticed an increased interest amongst readers in music. And in particular audio formats. Hence, we published ‘The best audio file format for your smartphone’  back in 2011. The feature was written by myself – Mac MacLaren – in my capacity as head honcho of the UK’s leading live music listing site, Lemonrock. In the article, I recommended ALAC as my favourite audio format. This prompted one reader to ask us, “Can android smartphones read ALAC?”. The short answer is YES!

It’s hardly surprising that an owner of an non-iOS device asked this question given that ALAC stands fro Apple Lossless Audio Codec and is also known as Apple Lossless.

ALAC is used in the iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. It has been reported that compressions of 40 per cent – 60 per cent can be achieved.

Additionally, Apple Lossless is a lossless, open and royalty-free codec.

So does it work with Android devices? Short answer is Yes – as long as you have the right app loaded.

I don’t know if all Android phones come with ALAC support built in – it all depends on the software that’s bundled with the device.

There are Android apps available that will play ALAC – such as the Rocket Music Player. Some Android owners may have to download it from the Google Play store here.

It’s free but you will need at least Android version 2.1 (Eclair) to run the Rocket app.

Of course, on my own Lemonrock site we have thousands of music tracks which bands have uploaded and you can listen to. Go here.

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