Amazon celebrates 1st year of Android App store

We grapple with allowing apps to be installed on Android devices

Well, online store powerhouse, Amazon, has decided to celebrate the first year of its Kindle branded App Store operations in the UK at least with what it is calling a ‘Free App of the Day Anniversary Bundle’. This is shades of RIM/BlackBerry which offered free apps to its customers as compensation for a server outage. This time, GoMo News has been struggling to download the free set of apps. They are worth £20 but you have to do it today [August 30th 2013]. One of the apps is Shazam Encore.

Which was probably why Shazam itself decided to publicise the fact that there is a new version of Shazam for Android out (4.0 apparently).

The only fly in the ointment? Just you try downloading apps to an Android device without going through Google’s desired route – which is Google Play, of course.

There is actually an entirely separate app for the actual Amazon App store which is different from the Amazon Mobile app which Google tries to force on you.

First off, you must go into the devices settings and enable the facility to download software from “unknown sources”. Otherwise you’ll get nowhere.

Next log onto your local Amazon store. You’ll need an Amazon ID but we already had one because we use Amazon’s Kindle readers.

Now if you manage to sign in, you should automatically be offered the opportunity to download the dedicated Amazon App Store app.

When you’ve done so, your Android device should offer ways of installing the downloaded file. Pick one of them (not a browser).

Finally, you can go onto the Amazon App Store. Somewhere at the top of the screen you should be able to see n advert for ‘Free App of the Day – Greatest Hits’.

These are the Anniversary free apps. Click on that screen and get going fast. Sadly there appears to be no option to ‘download all’. So get your skates on.

Meanwhile we are trying to work out why Shazam wouldn’t install on our Android tablet.

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