Analysys Mason publishes its M2M scorecard

The focus is now on differentiation

the early days of M2M are left behind - mullooly

As regular readers will already be aware, machine-to-machine communications (M2M) are set to be one of the fastest-growing connectivity sectors over the next decade. According to Analysys Mason – the telecoms, media and technology specialist, some communications service providers (CSPs) are successfully implementing strategies to seize their share of the market. However, others risk getting lost in the market or becoming afterthoughts. So M2M will have far-reaching implications for operators, vendors and networks. Hence the company has compiled its M2M carrier scorecard for 2013.

“This is the third year that we have scored CSPs on their M2M activities, and a notable contrast between the 2012 and 2013 scorecards is the increased CSP participation,” explained Morgan Mullooly, an analyst with Analysys Mason and co-author of the report.

“Twelve CSPs participated, compared to just seven in 2012. We think that one of the main drivers for this is that CSPs are more confident in exposing their maturing M2M business practices to external scrutiny,” Mullooly added.

Steve Hilton, the other co-author of the report, commented, “As the M2M market matures, CSPs are focusing more and more on differentiating themselves on the grounds of service level agreements, customer experience management, and other value-added services.”

” In the 2013 scorecard, these were the aspects of M2M service delivery that became most useful in comparing the various CSPs,” Hilton added.

Mullooly agrees, “CSPs have clearly left the early days of M2M behind.”

“Their former narrow focus on being primarily connectivity providers has given way to a more sophisticated approach to M2M, with some CSPs already making credible plays at the application platform layer.”

Analysys Mason surveyed CSPs on all relevant aspects of M2M, including: -

  • M2M strategy
  • M2M scale
  • M2M organisational structure
  • M2M networks and standards
  • M2M customer experience management
  • M2M ambition and vision overall excellence and overall performance

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