Android app provides security of Wi-fi links

Rating: Apparently it sees off Cain & Abel, FaceNiff, DroidSheep, and WifiKill

We’ve run plenty of stories about mobile phone security, but we hadn’t noticed that there might be a gap in protection. Yup, attacks over Wi-fi. GoMo News has discovered that there seem to be plenty of these type of attacks doing the rounds. Heinrich Gurke informs us that they mostly come under the category of ‘Man In The Middle (MITM)’ attacks and guess what? He’s built an app that protects Android users from these kinds of threats – it’s called Wifi Protector. The app’s functionality seems to break down into categories: – detect, protect and prevent.

He describes the app as offering ‘wireless security’ by which he means if you are using your Android handset to connect wirelessly to a corporate LAN, then you should jolly well consider installing some kind of security app.

It’s not free –in the UK you’d have to pay a mere £1.29.

Gurke reckons that as far as he knows, his app is the only app that is able to deploy ‘countermeasures’ on the Android platform.

What he probably means by that phrase is the facilities it can provide if you install it on a ‘rooted’ handset. A bit like the anti-theft part to avast! Mobile Security which works best on rooted phones.

For example, if you install it on a rooted handset then WifiKill can’t take you offline with this app installed. Sounds like a good idea to us.

For the techies amongst us, Wifi Protect offers protection against ARP (Address Resolution Protocol) cache poisoning, ARP spoofing, and Denial Of Service ( which is what WifiKill tries to do).

He also mentions protection against FaceNiff, DroidSheep, plus Cain & Abel – we haven’t heard of them before but we know we need the protection.

In a nutshell if you’re accessing Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn,, or eBay via Wi-fi,  you should consider this app.

Gurke says, “Although the app is in an early stage of development, the current version contains the essential functions to detect and stop Wi-Fi snooping in public networks and of course also private networks (VPN, wireless LAN, etc).

Here‘s the link to download and pay (£1.29) for the app and here‘s  a link to the app development site which provides more information than Android Market.

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