Android mobile barcode app ShopSavvy goes WinMo

shopsavvyI’ve been following ShopSavvy since its developer, Big In Japan, signed a deal with DeaLoco back in March. Back then, I felt the biggest problem with the app was that is was on only one platform – Android. But Big In Japan has release screen shots showing ShopSavvy working on Windows Mobile 6.5 – as part of it’s line-up for the Oct. 6th launch.

What does ShopSavvy do?

ShopSavvy is one of a breed of mobile barcode applications that doesn’t use 2d barcodes. It simply adds layers of functionality to already existing UPC barcodes, like you find on every item in the grocery store. By it’s own description, ShopSavvy is more of a comparison service than a shopping one, but it’s primary purpose is to help people when they are shopping. Using the ShopSavvy app, you scan a product barcode like so:


This then brings up information about the product – like how much it costs in different stores, or on-line, along with directions to places it can be bought:

shopsavvy-2 shopsavvy-1

All of the above are screenshots from the Windows Mobile application, incidentally.

WinMo vs. iPhone:

In order to catch up with the rival mobile operating systems, Microsoft is making sure that there is a central hub of applications for the 6.5 launch – and it has a hefty catalogue of apps lined up for it. ShopSavvy is one of those apps. So while ShopSavvy will be coming to iPhones in the US very soon, it’ll have to be in the next two and a half weeks to beat the WinMo 6.5 launch. However, seeing as Big In Japan was petitioning its users to send in icons for its iPhone app just last week, that iPhone launch may be coming sooner than you’d think.

What we think?

I’m not going to comment on the upcoming WinMo launch here, except to say thank the Deity of your choice that it’s finally getting a centralised app location.

Now, on to ShopSavvy.

By the end of the year, the shopping app will be on the three most important mobile platforms for apps in the world. Symbian and Java both hit a greater number of phones, but these three OS are by far the most resonant in terms of applications. ShopSavvy has enjoyed a lot of success on the Android, because it performs a simple job and it performs it very well. Hopefully it has gathered enough buzz that iPhone and WinMo owners will want to download it when it hits their app stores. Only time will tell.

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