Androids galore: two new devices from Acer

When we reviewed the Acer Liquid, the first Android device from PC maker Acer, we were very impressed. So GoMo News is happy to hear that the beTouch line from Acer, which used to be Windows Mobile up until now, is sticking with Android.

The beTouch line from Acer was a series of four touch screen phones – several of which used the Windows Mobile OS. And as anyone will tell you, Windows Mobile was a horrible operating system – in fact, it was so bad that it was directly responsible for more mobile makers switching to Android than any other factor. Google should write Microsoft a letter thanking them for WinMo 6.5, and the customers it sent their way.

The two new devices added to the beTouch line are both Androids, like the Liquid.

What are the phones?

e120_white_10The beTouch E120 keeps roughly the same form factor that earlier beTouch phones had, it’s just packing Android now. It’s not a beast of a phone – it doesn’t have the sheer processing power or screen size of the current highest tier devices. But it has everything that the majority of smartphone users will want:

  • 3.2 MP camera
  • 2.8″ touchscreen
  • Internet connection, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS
  • Micro-SD and standard audio connection
  • Android Market, applications

This “smartphone-lite” will hit the shelves in the middle of next month – and as long as it’s cheap, it’ll be a perfectly serviceable mid-range Android.

betouch-e130The beTouch E130 is a bit more interesting, and more than little weird. It’s a Blackberry-alike – anyone who has ever used a RIM device or a Nokia E-series phone will find it very familiar. But it’s ALSO a touchscreen phone. Phones in this form factor usually don’t have a touchscreen. The screen has to be too small in order to fit in the keyboard. Outside of that one oddity, it’s pretty much identical to the E120.

What we think?

I think that the two most important Android device makers in the world at the moment are HTC and Acer. HTC is proving that Android smartphones can be bigger, better and sexier than the iPhone (and more expensive). Slightly lower down the chain you’ve got Acer, releasing cheap, functional devicesĀ  – they may not be cutting-edge geekfests, but they’re perfectly good smartphones at a reasonable price. Between the two OEMs, they’re providing smartphones for all market segments.

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