Appcelerator says developers’ interest in Android is waning

Rating: By contrast, Apple’s iPad still extremely popular

Although Google’s Android mobile OS was supposed to rule the world by now, support for developing apps for Android is actually waning. That’s according to Appcelerator, which provides a platform for developing for Android, iOS and HTML5. The company has regularly surveyed the 300,000 developers currently in its network. The data shows that over the past three Quarters, interest in developing mobile applications to run on Android platforms (both tablet and smartphone ) has fallen off more than 10 per cent.By contrast, interest in developing for the iPhone dropped only slightly but interest in developing for the iPad has remained consistently high. The least popular mobile OS out of the four is Android for tablets.

It would be great to know how Windows Phone 7(W7 Mango) and BlackBerry compared amongst this developer community but Appcelerator doesn’t support those platforms natively.

With massive Android device sales plus around 850,000 activations daily, in theory Android should have come to dominate both the tablet and the smartphone market by now.

Why hasn’t it? Appcelerator says developers most often point to: – the fragmentation of the platforms; the lack of standard device images and feature sets; and the difficulty of app monetisation

So instead, Appcelerator sees Apple and its iOS devices (iPad, Iphone, AppleTv) continuing to their upward trend amongst developers on its network.

To explain the company’s ‘Four steps to creating a mobile [app development] strategy, the company is running a webinar on May 24th [2012]. More details here.

The webinar will be run by Michael King, Appcelerator’s principal mobile strategist, and formerly Gartner’s research director for mobile.

One question he hopes to answer is, “Why does the average mobile app cost a million dollars to build?” Obviously when it shouldn’t cost anything like that much.

Make sure you’ve registered first with Appcelerator here, otherwise you might miss out.

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2 Responses to Appcelerator says developers’ interest in Android is waning

  1. Sverix says:

    Every now and then Appcelerator comes out with the above message – always the same. Perhaps Appcelerator does not really have a representative data set.
    In any case – no news in this message compared to previous messages from Appcelerator.

  2. admin says:

    That’s a bit harsh Sverix.

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