Ask Asif: More worries about service Xolo offers

This week our resident Indian handset market expert – Asif Shaik, from – the recommendation web site, answers readers questions. They’re mostly about Indian handset brands such as Xolo.

Anand asks

I wish to buy a Xolo phone but the reviews about their after sale service and the handset is worst than anything. What do you suggest?

Asif Shaik replies

Hi Anand,

Some of the Xolo devices do offer great value for money. I do not suggest buying any smartphone from Indian manufacturers, including Xolo, unless there isn’t any viable option from well-known brands in the respective price range.

Out of all the Indian brands, Xolo used to offer the best device quality but it is going down with time. That may be relative as well because of some great smartphone launches from the likes of Motorola, Nokia and even Gionee.

Unfortunately, none of the Indian manufacturers is offering satisfactory after-sales service to consumers. If this continues the same way, Chinese brands might just kill them.

If you are not someone who is looking out for extreme value for money, stick to international brands. You might even check out Gionee, a Chinese brand which offers great value for money as well as decent after sales service, as far as I know.

Ritu asks


I really need help. Please tell me exactly which mobile to buy. I am confused between these: – Xolo Q1100 or Xolo Q1010 or Micromax Canvas 2.2 a114? The features which are important are camera, resolution,processor, and battery backup.

Asif Shaik replies

Hi Ritu,

I would suggest you to stick with the Motorola Moto G in the price range that you are looking into. It offers excellent quality, let aside great value for your hard earned money. I would not suggest any other smartphone above the Moto G.

Sunil Sindhal asks


I want to buy Xolo Q1010i is it good to buy or I should choose a another one?

Asif Shaik replies

Hi Sunil,

The Q1010i is a decent offering from Xolo but why not look at the best offering? I would prefer the Moto G even if it costs Rs 2,500 more. You can even have a look at the details for the Nokia Lumia 630 Dual SIM on MySmartPrice which was launched recently. It comes with Windows Phone 8.1 which is now neck-to-neck with Android in terms of features.

Anshul asks

I want to buy Xolo Q1010i. Is this is a good phone? Please give me its pros and cons.

Asif Shaik replies

The Xolo Q1010i offers good performance and camera quality but it lacks a user interface which is as clean and as smooth as the Moto G. Also, the build quality isn’t up to the level which Xolo was usually known for.

Matt H asks


Don’t know if you’re at all a fan of LG, but that’ll debut I believe, in about three weeks? 5.5″ 1440×2560 2K screen! Rumoured Snapdragon 805, 3 GB of RAM, Athenos 430, 16MP camera with smooth motion, finger print scanner, and it’s looks to be an aluminum backing! Anyhow I guess the question is, will the G3′s hardware be supported in your country?

Asif Shaik replies

Hi Matt,

I have been constantly reporting readers about the upcoming LG G3. It might even be released by the time you read my answer to your question. Sure, the device has caught my attention and want me buy it but it won’t be equipped with a finger print scanner. I will come with a metal finish plastic and not the actual metal.

It would be powered by Snapdragon 801 and not the Snapdragon 805. Although it will come with laser auto focus which might help in better and sharper images. Also, their new UI seems to be beautiful as opposed to earlier versions which were overly done and cartoonish.

Aniket jain asks

I am searching for a good mobile phone under INR 10,000 and it should have a good processor and a RAM. I was searching for some new Xolo mobile. But I have read some reviews of users on Flipkart. Xolo doesn’t have a good service centre So, I should go for Xolo or any other brand please suggest me a good phone under INR 10,000.

Asif Shaik replies

Hi Aniket,

I would suggest you to stick with international brands if you are not used to smartphones from Indian brands. Although, the Xolo Q800 X-Edition and Xolo Q1000 Opus look like a good choices. But I’ve heard that users are facing some problems after the Xolo Q1000 Opus was update to Android 4.4 KitKat. So, read some more user reviews of those devices.

Uday Lunawat asks

Will Moto G 4G launch in India in May or June?

Asif Shaik replies

Hi Uday,

Even I am excited about the Moto G 4G version which comes with 4G LTE and even a microSD card slot. I don’t think it will launch as soon as May or June. But going by the trend, people are wanting 4G compatibility in their smartphones and brands might ultimately give it to their users. So there is a fair chance that Moto G 4G will launch in Indian and if it does, its price will be at least Rs 2,000 higher than that of the regular version. It is also to be seen if the 4G version will come with dual SIM card slots.

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