Ask Asif: This week Xolo, Moto G, Gionee, Sony, iBall, & MMX

Here our resident handset expert, Asif Iqbal Shaik, answers readers’ questions.
Asif works for the highly respected Indian mobile phone price comparison website –

iBall Andi range

The web offers plenty of information about handsets supplied by the big names such as Samsung, LG, Motorola, Nokia and Apple. However, Indian smartphone local brands like iBall, Micromax, Lava, Xolo and Karbonn plus China’s Oppo, Gionee, Meizu, Coolpad and Xiaomi get much less exposure. GoMo News can remedy this with our new Ask Asif feature.

Raman Deep Singh asks …


Please suggest to me which one should I go for? Micromax A240 or Moto G or Xolo Q2000? Which one has better camera? I read somewhere Micromax has better camera.

Asif Shaik replies …

Hi Raman,

I would personally choose the Motorola Moto G over the other two. You can have a look over my review of the Moto G and why I choose it over others.

The second priority would be Xolo Q2000 or even the Xolo Q1000S.

Alexander asks …


I want the Xolo Q700 mobile touch and display. Can you help?

Asif Shaik replies …

Hi Alexander,

The availability of Xolo spares are thin. Perhaps you could be lucky in finding the required components from the addresses listed here:

Also, I read that Xolo was to offer repairing services at customers doorstep, perhaps you could call the service centre and know more about such service? Read more about it here.

Tejendra Chetri asks …   Sir,

I am bored using Samsung and Nokia phones.. I am looking for something new. Can Xolo give me satisfaction and trust that I found in these companies? Shall I be considered wise to invest 15k for a Xolo phone? How’s the battery and camera quality?

Asif Shaik replies …

Hi Tejendra,

If you take my personal opinion, Xolo is the best local smartphone brand from India.

Xolo Q1000S and Xolo Q2000 are good devices to invest in.

But also look out for Gionee which has come up with Gionee Elife E7 mini which comes with excellent build quality, quality camera, dual SIM card slots and attractive design.

Even Sony has some nice models in that price range, Xperia C, Xperia M and Xperia L.

About Asif Shaik

Asif Iqbal Shaik is a consumer electronics expert and computer science graduate turned technology Blogger. Asif is obsessed with gadgets, games, internet and technology brands. He is known as ‘gadget guru’ amongst his friends. He works for the Indian mobile phone price comparison web site,
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