Augmented Reality goes stellar in Germany

Rating: Stern magazine get into bed with Metaio/Junaio

The September 1st [2011] edition of the leading German news magazine, Stern, not only devotes a large section to discussing augmented reality (AR), but also uses the technology to enhance the whole issue. Readers can get a demo of AR in action by downloading a dedicated app labelled Stern AR. The September issue contains custom symbols printed on a number of pages. This is something of a coup for Metaio, whose Junaio AR browser app provides the basis for this technology. Here at GoMo News we’ve been investigating producing channels for the Junaio app ourselves. What Stern has done is to simplify the whole procedure. You don’t need to download the AR browser separately and then add a Stern ‘channel’. You can download the Stern AR app from either the iTunes App Store or the Android Market. We tried the app out using an App iPhone 3GS. Running the app an pointing the handset’s camera at the symbols, triggers enhancements which can then be viewed through the iPhone’s screen.

Examples here are the cartoon page, where a Play icon appears when the iPhone’s camera is pointed at it.

When the Play icon is clicked, the device shows a video of the cartoon being drawn.

Additionally, pointing the smartphone at the picture of a diver entering the water in the magazine, triggers a sequence where the dive is completed, along with a splash sound-effect. Plus an animation of crocodiles in the pool appears.

GoMo News has been experimenting with the Metaio/Junaio technology. We’ve found that you can create an audio-visual app by providing visual trigger points to start an animation – just as in the Stern articles.

Alternatively you can develop an AR navigation app by hosting the data for Points of Interest (PoIs)on your own web site.

It’s also possible to produce a combination of the too.  Which is what we’ve don. Download the Junaio iOS/Android app first and then search for our Bath University Freshers’ Week channel to see what we’ve been up to.

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3 Responses to Augmented Reality goes stellar in Germany

  1. Marcus says:

    i’ve read the article, it was pretty cool. for me AR is innovative, but as time goes by i am a little bit concerned about its spread over the world. once it was said to be the next block buster in marketing. i really hope that service providers, media, zoos, museums etc. will recognize the value of this technology so it will make its way and will not only remain an idea.

  2. Hi there! Do you know if they make any plugins to protect against hackers? I’m kinda paranoid about losing everything I’ve worked hard on. Any recommendations?

  3. admin says:

    Plugins for what?

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