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Steinthor_Bjarnason Guest Post: IoT security – the collective responsibility

by Steinthor Bjarnason, a network security engineer with Arbor Network
Recent news reports have shown that data security is becoming a big challenge for the IoT [Internet of Things] sector. So here I’d like to discuss the industry’s collective responsibility for addressing this growing problem – and how it has started to affect all [...]

oneM2M_Logo oneM2M Interop 2 Korea

[ May 10, 2016 10:00 am to May 13, 2016 10:00 am. ] ~
Organisers: TTA/ETSI
Venue: TTA Premises, Gyeonggi-do 463-824
Location: Seongnam, South Korea
Hashtag: #

Registration: here (free)

This event is co-organised by the TTA (Telecommunications Technology Association of Korea) and ETSI (European Telecommunications Standards Institute). oneM2M is the global standards initiative for Machine-to-Machine [M2M] communications and the Internet of Things (IoT). The purpose of this event is to verify the primitive’s interoperability as defined in the oneM2M standards and to check end-to-end functionality on oneM2M interfaces Mca and Mcc. The implementations will have to support CoAP, HTTP and MQTT protocol binding. Interoperability test scenarios from TS-0013 (interoperability testing) will be proposed to participants. Continue reading

IoT-Slam-2016-_Logo IoT Slam virtual conference 2016

[ April 28, 2016; 8:04 am to 6:04 pm. ] Organisers: IoT Community
Venue: Online [Virtual]
Hashtag: #IoTSlam

Register here

The Second International IoT Slam 2016 virtual conference will commence on April 28th 2016 – in the cloud. The aim of the event is to accelerate the adoption of IoT by bringing together leading practitioners and authorities. They can then share their experiences and best practices in developing, launching and operating IoT devices, networks and applications and to discuss solutions to critical challenges. Continue reading

sdc2016_full_logo Samsung Developer Conference 2016

[ April 27, 2016; 8:00 am to 6:00 pm. ] Organisers: Samsung USA
Venue: Moscone West Centre
Location: San Francisco, USA
Hashtag: #heartSDC

Registration: here

Full two-day conference passes are available at early bird rate along with academic, alumni and group booking discounts. Continue reading

intel's genevieve bell is speaking Samsung opens registration for Samsung developer conference 2016 in San Francisco

Developers, creators and builders alike will come together to discuss the latest technologies and share future innovations

Press release

February 3rd 2016. Samsung Electronics has announced that registration for the Samsung Developer Conference 2016 (SDC 2016), which will be held from April 27 to April 28 2016 at San Francisco’s Moscone West Centre, is now open. Centred around the theme of ‘Connecting the Future Everywhere You Look’, the this year’s SDC will offer more than 60 technical sessions, interactive workshops, keynotes and hands-on device experiences across 10 different topics. These will include: – the Internet of Things (IoT), virtual reality (VR), mobile, wearables, business opportunities, enterprise, smart tv, games & entertainment, Tizen and health & medical. Continue reading

stas_wolk Guest Post: Advanced diagnostics technology as an AMS business differentiator

by Stas Wolk, vp for global strategic alliances with Cellebrite

For any industry, business growth is a universal goal. For after-market service [AMS] providers in the mobile/cellular sector, however, it means evolving solution offerings beyond simple depot repair to broader end-to-end capabilities. Advanced diagnostics technology has emerged as a potential competitive differentiator. But should this capability be built in-house or bought through a technology partner? Here are my five key areas for evaluation and consideration before picking the best partner to meet business needs. Continue reading

itunes presents the major obstacle MNOs must unite to confront iPhone migration issues

The real obstacle is protected iTunes music

The Sunday Telegraph reports here that MNOs [Mobile Network Operators] are trying to put pressure on Apple to make it easier to switch from an iPhone to an Android based handset from the likes of Samsung. The motivation is clear. iPhone users are by default high spending individuals. However, few Apple Fanbois ever defect from the iPhone to highly priced rivals such as the Samsung Galaxy range. The knub of the problem, MNOs believe, is that it is very difficult to transfer personal data from an iPhone to an Android alternative. Most of the data can be transferred  but the real killer is trying to migrate DRM protected iTunes music from an iPhone to something else. But this is an issue on which MNOs need to present a united front. Continue reading

-houbak Spirent appoints Fisker as CTO for Mobilethink & Tweakker

CTO is charged with developing next generation, high-value product additions to existing market leading device intelligence products and solutions

Press release

December 9th 2015. Spirent Communications has announced that it has appointed Kim Fisker as CTO [Chief Technical Officer] Mobilethink and Tweakker, which form Spirent’s device intelligence business unit, effectively as of December 1st [2015]. Fisker holds an MSC, Computer Science from Aarhus University in Denmark and has since worked in the telecoms industry for more than 20 years. He began his career as a software developer for digital switch maker Diax of Denmark and quickly progressed to being the firm’s team leader for SS7 telephony signaling protocols. When Diax was acquired by Ericsson, he was appointed area software development manager for all products associated with its digital switch platform. Continue reading

IoTSlam2015 IoT Slam virtual conference 2015

[ December 9, 2015; 7:00 am to 6:00 pm. ] Organisers: IoT Community
Venue: Online [Virtual]
Hashtag: #IoTSlam

Register here:

The Internet of Things Community is the world’s largest CxO community of IoT practitioners consisting of 8,000 plus members. It’s organised the IoT Slam which is claimed to be the world’s first and largest virtual IoT conference and exhibition. Topics cover: – standards, interoperability, Open Source, integration, security, infrastructure, business models, research, innovation, best practices, technology, industry implementation and regulatory compliance. Continue reading

maxime_de_nanclas Guest Post – Pay wars heat up

Contactless P2P payments could mean victory
by Maxime de Nanclas, COO with Mobeewave

Recent speculation [November 2015] about Apple’s venture into creating a P2P (phone to phone) payment system for mobile devices is just the latest move in what has come to be known as the ‘Pay Wars’. In the same week, Samsung was also the subject of similar speculated reports which went so far as to drill down to specific technology capabilities that would include the option for contactless transactions, whereby a user taps a phone or card to another NFC device to transfer funds or conduct payments. Just this past week, LG announced they are working on their own mobile payment solution called LG Pay in partnership with a Korean credit card issuer. Continue reading

DWMF_amsterdam Digital Marketing World Forum Amsterdam

[ April 13, 2016 7:00 am to April 14, 2016 6:00 pm. ] Organisers: Sixdegrees
Venue: Felix Meritis
Location: Amsterdam, Netherlands
Hashtag: #DMWF

Registration: here
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Whether you specialise in influencer marketing; customer engagement; social media analytics; marketing automation; personalisation; analysing sentiment; or other areas in the digital and social marketing sphere, DMWF provides a fantastic forum to access to a senior level audience. Continue reading

-houbak Guest Post: – VoLTE – $1bn invested but little return

by Lars Houbak, general manager of Spirent Mobilethink

Heralded as the most disruptive mobile technology yet, more than an estimated one billion dollars has already been invested by operators to make their networks capable of handling Voice over LTE (VoLTE) traffic. But the return to date on those investments so far is minimal. The expected traffic hasn’t happened partly because of device manufacturers failing to upgrade most of their smartphone build with VoLTE Device Management (DM) support. This is the missing link between the users and an easy and hassle-free VoLTE service. Here Lars Houbak explains why device management support in devices is fundamental for the mobile industry to successfully roll out VoLTE services and for MNOs [Mobile Network Operators] to start getting a full return on investment. Continue reading

stuff - rosewell Guest Post: The mobile web is broken & even Google knows it

by James Rosewell, CEO with 51 Degrees

Earlier this month [October 7th 2015], Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) arrived from Google endorsed by some of the most prestigious names in publishing and technology. Google’s introductory blog states … “Publishers around the world use the mobile web to reach these readers, but the experience can often leave a lot to be desired. Every time a webpage takes too long to load, they lose a reader – and the opportunity to earn revenue.” Consequently, brands like the BBC, The Guardian, The Wall Street Journal, Twitter, LinkedIn and WordPress are all involved with AMP. What this declaration implies – supported by many authoritative voices in publishing and technology, is that – from a revenue perspective, the mobile web is broken. Continue reading

real_time_ads Real-Time Advertising Summit UK ’15

[ November 18, 2015 8:00 am to November 19, 2015 6:00 pm. ] Organisers:Active Communications International (ACI)
Venue: Thistle Marble Arch
Location: London, UK

Registration: here

The theme of this show is the quickly evolving programmatic landscape. This is ACI’s second annual Real-Time Advertising Summit in London. It will bring together the comprehensive spectrum of perspectives on programmatic from brands, ad agencies, publishers and ad tech. Continue reading

an end to Africa's smartphone nightmare - houbak Guest Post: BYOD is the beginning of the end for subsidised handsets

by Lars Houbak, general manager with Mobilethink

Mobile network operators [MNOs] & MVNOs in most regions have experienced steady erosion in ARPUs since 2010 according to analysts Strategy Analytics. Despite a collective $700 billion investment in infrastructure over the past ten years, revenue growth has been almost flat since 2007. Subscriber acquisition and retention costs (SAC/SRC) take 27 per cent of a Western European operator’s operational expenses (OPEX). Out of that, 69 per cent goes to device subsidies and can take as much as 19 per cent of a typical operator’s OPEX. Forward profitability is therefore threatened due to combined flat revenue and increasing subsidy costs. Continue reading