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Pieter_Streicher Guest Post: Text messaging – it’s so last century

by Pieter Streicher, md with

What’s the hot new messaging app that all the kids are using? Can WhatsApp keep its credibility after its multi-billion dollar acquisition by Facebook? Has Snapchat reached its popularity peak? What’s the buzz on Telegram? If you’re over the age of twenty-five, you can be forgiven for feeling lost and adrift on a sea of instant messaging platforms. With so many competing services to choose from – each with their own functionalities, communities, etiquettes and more – how can businesses choose the right messaging platform for their needs? Continue reading Free webinar – Are enterprise apps worth the dirty work

[ April 30, 2014; 10:00 am to 11:00 am. ] Oranisers: Open Mobile Media
Location: on the web
Time: 10:00 AM – 11:00 AM PDT (see web site for local time zone)

Register (for free) here

The number of large enterprises launching their own mobile app stores is on pace to grow at double-digit rates through 2018. But with the high-cost of developing in-house, it is important to know how to make bespoke app deliver ROI to the enterprise’s business processes. Continue reading

Wireless_charging Wireless Charging 2014

[ June 24, 2014 8:00 am to June 25, 2014 6:00 pm. ] Organisers: Informa
Venue: RAI
Location: Amsterdam, Netherlands

Register: here

The Wireless Charging conference will showcase the latest deployments in wireless charging technologies from around the world. The industry is set to go through a period of exponential growth over the next 18 months and there will be no better place to see these concepts come to life. Continue reading

LTE_World_Summit LTE World Summit 2014

[ June 23, 2014 9:00 am to June 25, 2014 6:00 pm. ] Organisers: Informa
Venue: RAI
Location: Amsterdam, Netherlands

Register: here

Now ten years old, the world’s leading 4G event -the LTE World Summit returns to Amsterdam. The event will bring together over 3,500 attendees, 150 exhibitors and 300 speakers. Continue reading

Juned.-Ghanchi Tools that aid in iPhone app development

by Juned Ahmed, a mobile business consultant at Indian App Developers

The iPhone’s success has taken the world of mobile apps to the next level altogether. More and more mobile app developers are participating in iPhone app development. They want to enhance the user experience with these apps. Most of the apps have been introduced based on the customer feedback provided. However, there are instances where most people have indulged in experience based apps such as an ebook reader or an entertainment schedulers. Well, users may be a developer for mobile apps, but not necessarily for iPhone based apps. This is why users need help of tools that will ease the whole process out for users. All users need to do is purchase or download these tools and use them to create the necessary mobile apps for users’ iPhone. Here’s my list of useful apps that will aid in the iPhone app development process. Continue reading

Digital_services_world 2nd Digital Services World Congress

[ June 2, 2014 8:00 am to June 4, 2014 7:00 pm. ] Organisers: Informa
Venue: Thistle Hotel, Marble Arch
Location: London, UK
Twitter: #DSCongress

Register here.

The only leading messaging event in the market returns to deliver more up to date and high level content on operator and OTT messaging strategies. Continue reading

Rajveer_Singh_Rathore Guest Post: How to keep track of your finances with mobile apps

by Rajveer Singh Rathore, our Microsoft specialist

There are so many tools available for tracking your finances online, that you may be challenged to figure out which would work best for you. You can leverage popular mobile apps to keep your spending and saving in check. Not only do these apps help you design better financial accountability, but they can also be fun to use! Here are some great financial tracking tools. Continue reading

Nathan_warner_mapp Guest Post: Monetising mobile by finding the right partner

by Nathan Warner, director with Mapp Media

As a developer of an amazing new app or a webmaster just about to launch a new mobile version of a site or content. You’ve almost certainly factored in advertising as one of the key revenue streams. Possibly advertising is even the only revenue stream planned. The problem is how to make sure that advertising is maximised in order to make it work in the best way possible for the business? Here are my three simple rules to follow … Continue reading

Anthony_rushton Google is bad, totally bad says top UK tech entrepreneur Rushton

Whilst Sorrell says Google is the most powerful company on the planet

Hmm. Has the Google bashing season just started or something? Ah, no – apparently Advertising Week Europe has just got into full swing. Hence, top Brit tech entrepreneur Anthony Rushton has decided to take a few swipes at global search Goliath, Google. He’s just declared that Goggle is “bad, totally bad for online advertisers.” Hence Telemetry boss is calling for Google’s dominance to be limited. Rushton also appears to have taken a swipe at the UK government whilst he’s about it. Continue reading

direct route into emerging markets - tziokas Guest Post: Is the Nokia X seeing stars?

by Vasileios Tziokas, marketing manager, Upstream

Nokia’s attempts to break into emerging markets bore fruit in the shapely form of the X. The device combines what Nokia considers to be the best of Android with what makes Nokia the third most desired brand in India – great style, great heritage and a simple UI. In fact, 17 per cent of Indian consumers polled in our [Upstream's] latest consumer attitudes report said they would like to buy a Nokia as their next phone. Compare that to China where only 4 per cent of consumers lust after a Nokia handset, and you would imagine that the Nokia X would sell much more easily in India than it would in China. Continue reading

sarah_smith Guest Post: Chartering private jets via mobile apps

by Sarah Smith, a writer who sometimes works with Adagold Aviation

When it emerged that a Middle Eastern family had booked a private jet via an iPhone app, that sparked an era of changes in the way individuals and businesses are now booking their private flights. As the majority of wealthy clients have access to mobile technology – they are using it for virtually everything. So it is no wonder that mobile is also changing the way private jet companies are conducting their chartering business. Continue reading

alfred_bailey Guest Post: Essential tips for launching a successful mobile app

by Alfred Beiley, an app developer and blogger who works with 360 Degree Technosoft

Mobile applications have become a common thing nowadays. And thanks to cut-throat competition between various operators at different tiers, mobile apps are used by most people across the globe. But building a successful mobile application is not that easy task as it is to use use one. At every juncture of development process, there are various hindrances that exist. Mobile application development includes many pre and post procedures that are needed to be followed in order to get successful results on their respective app stores. Continue reading

jon_banks2 Guest Post: MWC retrospective on NFC & mobile wallet

by Jon Banks, director of payments solutions, The Logic Group

Of all the conversations I had at MWC [Mobile World Congress] 2014, the topic of ‘mobile wallet’ generated by far the most interest and excitement. The GSMA’s High Street of the Future exhibition provided a tangible demonstration of how services such as mobile wallets could realise future customer experiences and shape the connected high-street of the future. These real time enabled-demonstrations showed that – with the correct ecosystem of customer interaction vendors, retailers can develop a targeted and interactive shopping experience that evokes brand advocacy with the customer. Continue reading

digital music sales might be hit OTT players hit by change in UK VAT loophole

Amazon & Apple may raise prices on digital music sales

In a move which will at least bring some satisfaction to Blighty’s [UK's] MNOs [Mobile Network Operators], the UK Chancellor has moved to close a tax loophole. The major OTT players such Amazon, Apple & Skype, take advantage of the tax system to pay their VAT bills in an EU country where charges are low. For example, in Luxembourg the VAT rate is a mere 3 per cent whereas in Britain it is currently 20 per cent. New rules will mean that Brits Revenues & Customs will be able to levy 20 per cent VAT on downloads executed in the UK. OTT players could respond by raising prices. Continue reading

Dr Álvaro Sobrinho Guest Post: How m-learning can revolutionise teaching in Africa

by Dr Álvaro Sobrinho, chairman of the Planet Earth Institute (PEI)

Widely recognised as an Angolan philanthropist and entrepreneur, Dr Álvaro Sobrinho is also chairman of the Planet Earth Institute (PEI), a charity whose goal it is to bring scientific independence to Africa. The PEI has also recently conducted consultations on m-learning/m-education . Here Dr Sobrinho looks at how m-learning can revolutionise learning in Africa. Continue reading