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Ace reporter, Cian, has moved on from GoMo News. He is currently the office manager for Photocall Ireland - Ireland's premier news and PR photography agency. You can check out the site at If you want to contact him directly about anything, Cian's new email is cian at photocallireland dot com.

waze Mobile app Waze to protect LA from “carmageddon”

Waze is a great idea for a mobile application – it’s effectively a social network that allows users to make constant, real-time road traffic updates. Waze is designed to take these live reports and combine them into a constant, live stream of traffic conditions. It has just announced a deal with KABC-TV in Los Angeles to provide traffic reports from areas where the TV station can’t get its reporters. Continue reading

mobile gaming pan platform globe pacman feature Mobile gaming attracts time and money in the UK

An interesting results burst came from the UK today, where games market analysis firm Newzoo has taken a look at how much time and money UK residents put into the gaming. The overall gaming market in the UK looks very interesting – but we’re more interested in where mobile fits in. Continue reading

google plus buzz feature How the Buzz disaster trained Google to do better with Google+

Google+ is still new enough that many of the posts on it are about the network itself: “hey, I’m on Google+!”. That certainly mirrors the behavior of the early days of Google Buzz – almost every message sent through it was alone the lines of “hey, I’m on Google Buzz!”. But Buzz was a massive failure – and it seems that as a direct result, the launch of Google+ has been handled much better. Continue reading

saversplanet_3d_box_screensaver_26879 3D mobile ads finally arrive from InMobi and Cooliris

Back in February, we reported on a deal between global mobile ad network InMobi and a company called Cooliris that uses 3D to make mobile user-interfaces look amazing. Today, we finally see the product of that deal, as they two companies launch what they claim is the first live 3D advertising campaign on iPad. Continue reading

mobile social gaming feature PapayaMobile leads the Android gaming charge into China

One of the things that has emerged from analysis of the global application market is this: the most popular categories of apps tend to be the same regardless of market or region. And, in general, the most popular category of app around the world is Gaming applications. The underlying opportunity here is that if you’ve developed a popular game for (say) America, there’s no reason it can’t also sell in APAC. And so PapayaMobile is announcing a “Gateway to China” program for Android developers looking to expand to China. Continue reading

synchronica-mobile-gateway Synchronica takes over Nokia’s messaging business for operators

Synchronica is one of the most expansive companies in the world of white-label messaging services. After a certain point, I actually stopped reporting on Synchronica news – there was just too much of it. But today, the story has added piquancy to it, because Synchronica has bought out Nokia’s Northern American Operator Branded Messaging business. Continue reading

25% of smartphone owners use mobile banking

25 per cent of UK mobile internet users now utilise mobile banking services, according to online consumer research released today by mobile web and app specialists Antenna. With the number of mobile-internet enabled handsets continuing to grow worldwide, banks that address the demand for both mobile apps and mobile web usage will have the sharpest competitive edge in the battle to attract new customers. Continue reading

HTML5 logo feature Why Adobe is losing the mobile development war

Just yesterday, we published an article on how two very different companies were both tackling the same problem in very different ways. The companies were Google and Vdopia, the problem is that Apple iOS doesn’t support Flash, and both of their solutions amounted to the same thing: stop using Flash. Today, yet another company has released a solution that side-steps Adobe. Continue reading

mobile-phone-nfc-wireless INSIDE Secure nails the NFC contract for ZTE’s Android devices

INSIDE Secure is a French company that works around secure transactions – it creates software, semiconductors and platforms that are all geared towards providing secure digital transactions. Today it has announced a big contract with huge Chinese manufacturer ZTE, integrating it’s NFC technology directly into ZTE’s Android-based smartphone platform. Continue reading

Adobe-Flash-Logo Google and Vdopia support Apple’s anti-Flash policy

Apple never really does things the easy way. And when Apple decided it didn’t want to play ball with Adobe over Flash, it simply refused to support the format. Today we see two different companies trying to tackle that problem in two very different ways. Digital giant Google has launched a translation program to step around the problem, and mobile video advertising agency Vdopia has created its very own file format. Continue reading

mobile-marketing Mobile advertising and marketing top news: Poynt, MMA and radio/TV

Welcome to the GoMo News round-up of the best in mobile marketing and advertising stories! Today we’ve got moves from search company Poynt, the Mobile Marketing Association, Augme and more! Continue reading

Apple iOS_by_version iPhone users are more up-to-date than Android

A quick stat burst came from German mobile advertiser apprupt. The company has carved a serious niche for itself, advertising applications through the mobile websites of German media companies. And today it has sent around a little look at how up-to-date iPhone owners are with the latest iPhone OS software Continue reading

verve-wireless Cars are the biggest winner in local mobile advertising

Mobile advertising company Verve Wireless has released its report into mobile local advertising for the first quarter of 2011. The performance of local ads has been good enough that Verve itself claims to be surprised by them – with automotive ads outperforming any other category. Continue reading

Yougetitback Mobile Superhero Best Buy offers imaginative mobile security from Irish firm Yougetitback

One of the services Best Buy offers is called Geek Squad – it’s a massive support structure for customers. It offers a lot of different extended services and products for people buying from Best Buy, and it has now added a new mobile protection product called Locked & Found from Cork-based company Yougetitback Continue reading