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Tony is currently Editor of GoMobile News. He's a veteran telecoms journalist who has previously worked for major printed and online titles. Follow him on Twitter @GoMoTweet.

ios9_logo iOS9 bricking 1000s of iPhone 6 handsets

Practice is probably a restraint of trade in EU

In what could turn out to be a massive PR disaster for Apple, thousands of iPhone 6 owners have managed to ‘brick’ [render useless] their handsets by opting to installing the latest iOS 9 upgrade. The problem seems to affect those who have had their handset repaired by independent specialists – rather than taking it back to an official Apple retail store. The bricking problem has been labelled the “error 53″ bug and Apple is fully aware of it. Unfortunately, if it is deliberate, then in the EU the practice is probably illegal in EU as a restraint of trade. If not, them the automotive companies could have a field day. Continue reading

valentine_heart Motorola levers Valentine’s Day for watch bundle

Say Hellomoto to your Valentine

Here in Blighty [UK], to help Brits celebrate Valentine’s Day [February 14th], Motorola has devised a special bundle offer for the Moto 360 smartwatch alongside its Moto G (3rd Gen) smartphone. GoMo News suspects that in order to provide an air of exclusivity, the offer is extremely time limited. Starting at 0.00 am on Tuesday 2nd February [2016], this offer ends at 23.59 pm on Friday 5th February. At least this year [2016], we’re not all attending the MWC (Mobile World Congress) which used to take place around February 14th. So even those in the mobile world can save up to £80.00 when both products are purchased together as a bundle. The GoMo Team feels the package is a good way to draw attention to the synergy between Motorola’s wearable offering and its flagship smartphone. For the curious, Motorola is knocking £80 off the Moto 360 and Moto G 3rd Gen bundle with prices starting at £298.00 [regular price £378.00]. Continue reading

Huawei_logo Old guard handset makers shrinking fast

Even Apple isn’t immune says Juniper Research

It seems that the old guard manufacturers of smartphones – such as Microsoft (aka Nokia)’ BlackBerry (RIM); Sony (Sony Ericsson); and HTC are seeing their handset shipments shrinking fast. The beneficiaries are mainly Chinese manufacturers such as Huawei and Xiaomi. But, according to market watchers – Juniper Research, even Apple isn’t immune to this trend. Apple posted its slowest ever YoY [Year on Year]  iPhone growth – reporting a 0.4 per cent YoY growth in iPhone shipments for Q4 2015. Apple did make record profits, though. Oh. And the USA is partly responsible for the slow down. Continue reading

caterpillar - new name in 2015 18000+ distinct Android phones exist says Spirent

At least 12 different Android OS  versions are in use

The number of distinct Android devices in use globally passed the 18,000 benchmark for the first time in 2015. That’s according to the latest Device Intelligence report covering The year 2015 from the device intelligence business unit of Spirent Communications. Devices from eight new mobile phone manufacturers were also added for the first time. The list includes Acer, Asus, Caterpillar, Microsoft, OPPO, SKY, Tecmobile and XOX. Additionally, the company claims that it has saved the telecoms industry some $17.5m in customer care costs. Continue reading

lockwood - starting with iOS first Bundle aims to crack local advertising

News aggregation app coming to a city near you soon

Initially, the GoMo News team thought that a new app to be released next month [February 2016] by Bundle would bomb through failure to differentiate itself. Significantly, however, the GoMo News team learnt something different when talking to Kelvin Lockwood, CEO with Bundle, about the product. He reckons that local advertising is still thriving but the major spend is still on print. What drives people to these papers is a thirst for local news. So his company has developed an app that aggregates news from a variety of different sources – including local newspapers.  The result should be a platform that will be able to attract local advertising. Currently, it is just a small matter of fine tuning the selection of stories which the app picks. Continue reading

- o'shead IoT antennae come back to USA courtesy of Taoglas

IOTx design centre is complete with 2 anechoic chambers & team of engineers

What is claimed to be a unique facility for North American wireless device manufacturers and mobile network operators [MNOs] has just opened up in San Diego, California. Taoglas‘ IoTx facility brings back to the USA the manufacturing of small runs of antennas. Hence M2M and IoT module manufacturers can now source, build and test products quickly in the States – thus saving money and speeding time to market. The Taoglas IoTx Centre is unusual because such facilities are usually private. Continue reading

Noel_braterman Brit firms throwing out PABXs for mobile app

Pink Telephone company seeking more resellers

Over 400 SMEs in the UK are already installing an app – App2Chat, which effectively enables them to throw away an existing switchboard (PABX) an use their mobile phones instead. Developed by RIPTec, the product is now being distributed by  the Pink Telephone Company in London [UK]. It could, of course, be used anywhere in the world with GSM networks. Only launched back in December [2015] at The Business Show in London, The Pink Telephone expects to have a 2,000 SME business user base by October [2016]. The firm is actively seeking resellers to up-sell App2Chat to their SME customers and expects to sign up 20 by the end of January [2016]. Continue reading

ee_shop EE online store fails to impress

Could even help to damage the BT brand

Here at GoMo Towers, the team firmly believes that UK MNO [Mobile Network Operator], EE, desperately needs to shake up operations at its online accessories store. products on offer are not only significantly overpriced but delivery times can only be described as “slow”. The crucial point here is that EE will very soon become part of the BT (formerly British telecommunications) empire. It is rumoured that BT favoured EE over O2 because fhe former had a stronger High Street presence. But a service such as this ( can only serve to damage the brand rather than enhance it. Admittedly, GoMo is comparing it to just one rival service. But that service just happens to be massive market leader, Amazon. Continue reading

Margrethe Vestager As BT gets away with it, 3UK faces restrictions on O2 deal

Dominant broadband player buys 2 MNOs but smallest stifled

GoMo News readers with long memories will recall how the EU used to blame the large numbers of MNOs [Mobile Network Operators] in each member state for the lack of swift 4G rollout. Now, it seems, our non-elected masters will seek major concessions from the UK’s smallest MNO – Three [3UK] if it is to succeed in buying rival operator – O2. Reports suggest that European Commissioner, Margrethe Vestager,will demand major concessions over spectrum held by a possibly combined O2 and 3UK. The irony here is that 3UK had to wait absolutely ages before T-Mobile would release spectrum to it – required as part of the merger between the Orange and T-Mobile networks now forming EE. Continue reading

off_f1_app Microsoft really has lost the OS battle to Android

Our guide to FGRNTLAW for the curious

Regular readers might be wondering how our recent story about Microsoft’s treatment of Non-US MNOs (see here) is linked to Five Good Reasons Not To Leave Android for Windows [FGRNTLAW] need puzzle no longer. The link is Announcify from Thomas Taschauer an app which is one of the chief reasons why the GoMo News team can’t migrate to a Windows Phone 10 powered (Nokia) Lumia 640 from Android powered devices such as Motorola’s Moto G. Any half decent smartphone should easily be able to speak the name of the incoming caller. Our test Lumia can’t do that. Anyway, it turns out that Announcify didn’t come Top in our five must-have apps. The Top place is a straight fight between the Official Formula One app and AppEffectsUK‘s Bus CountDown. Continue reading

Non-US MNOs treated shabbily by Microsoft

Must-have features missing from foreign Windows Phone versions

Whilst researching a feature for GoMo News with a working title of Five Good Reasons Not To Leave Android for Windows [FGRNTLAW], the team couldn’t help but notice the shameful way that Microsoft is treating Non-US MNOs. There are must-have features buried inside Windows Phone [WP] which handset power users would dearly love to unleash. But it seems that The Beast Of Redmond (Microsoft) has decided that those living outside North America don’t merit their inclusion in the versions of WP it ships to non-US MNOs [Mobile Network Operators. Included here are some key handset capabilities such as announcing the name of the incoming caller. Or speaking the content of incoming text/SMS messages. These oversights can be cured by Android power users by going to Google Play and downloading an app. Mostly, however, so equivalent apps are available on the Windows app Store. Continue reading

BT looks set to acquire EE

Biggest threat is to potential new MVNOs

It seems that the UK’s CMA – the Competition & Markets Authority, has decided that Britain needs to go back to the days of a dominant Telco in the shape of BT – formerly British Telecom. The CMA is expected to give the nod to the £12.5 billion acquisition of UK MNO [ Mobile Network Operator] – EE by BT. So in addition to owning the UK’s copper broadband network, it will also own two former MNOs in the shape of Orange and One2One. Even better than when it simply owned Cellnet – now O2. The joke is that the UK’s two smallest MNOs – 3 & O2 will probably be prevented from merging in order to compete. Continue reading

on-boarding connectivity issues - yunus Malaysia provides Tweakker with entry into Asian MVNO market

redONE views Tweakker’s device Guides as key to fuel growth

Tweakker, the mobile device intelligence unit of Spirent Communications has just gained entry into the  MVNO [mobile virtual network operator] market thanks to Malaysia’s redONE. The Malaysian cellular market is hotting up. Over 51 per cent of Malaysia’s 35 million mobile subscribers now have smartphones, according to redONE’s CEO, Farid Yunus. He reckons that figure can only rise in the years ahead as feature phones gradually disappear. The problem is trying to ‘onboard’ customers as quickly as possible. Tweakker’s self-care smartphone Device Guides plus call centre agent training provide an obvious solution. Continue reading

wp10_screentshot Migrating to WP10 is actually easy – shock, horror

Microsoft still skimping on development costs though

As long as we can remember here at GoMo Towers, Microsoft has always let its customers debug the next incarnation of its own OS (starting with Windows for Warehouses). And Windows Mobile 10 seems to be no exception here. The good news, however, is that upgrading a Nokia/Microsoft WP10 [Windows Phone 10] handset from version 8.1 [WP8.1] to version 10 [WP10] is simple. Better still, there seem to be very few drawbacks to upgrading. Continue reading

apple_pay2 HSBC knows something about Apple Pay we don’t

Why was iPay specifically mentioned in lost card report?

A very curious thing happened when we here at GoMo Towers reluctantly reported a debit card from the UK’s HSBC bank as either lost or stolen. When we did eventually manage to speak to an HSBC call centre agent, one of the questions we asked took us by surprise. She needed to know whether the debit card in question had actually been registered with Apple’s Apple Pay online payment system. Why did this particular service spark HSBC’s interest? Is there a potential flaw in the system whereby HSBC customers who lose their debit cards are more open to potential fraud than others using similar services? It would be nice to know. Continue reading