Barclays Premier Life signs Airport Angel to provide Airport Lounge Pass Benefits

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November 25th 2008. Airport Angel, The Leapfrog Group’s global independent airport lounge programme has agreed a contract to provide lounge access for Barclays Premier Life customers. Airport Angel is providing membership to new Barclays Premier Life customers from November 2008 and to existing Barclays Premier Life customers from 1st January 2009.Barclays Premier Life customers will Airport Angel members receive free airport passes plus Airport Texts.

This is a unique real-time personal text service which guides passengers through their journey from arrival at the departure airport, right through to the return journey back into the UK.  Airport Texts provide passengers with essential trip updates such as delay, check-in, and boarding and arrival information. There is also the option to provide nominated partners or friends with information to facilitate the onward travel.

Simon Ward, managing director of Airport Angel, says:  “We are delighted to add Barclays to the growing list of blue chip clients who value our flexible, innovative service.   Barclays Premier Life provides a customised approach to personal banking and we believe we have tailored the Airport Angel service to the needs of their customers.”

Airport Angel works with ClimateCare to provide passengers with the opportunity to offset the carbon emissions incurred through their travel.

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59 Responses to Barclays Premier Life signs Airport Angel to provide Airport Lounge Pass Benefits

  1. admin says:

    No-one will explain to GoMo News why they are asking us such questions. Why don’t you simply call them?

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  3. Mrs J Lee says:

    I have been a member for a long time, I am travelling to Czech Republic and unfortunately my card is not up to date it’s expiry date is 01/14 could you please update it for me? Didnt seem to have receipt replacement.
    Thank you very much Mrs J Lee

  4. admin says:

    Hi Mrs Lee. You should read this follow up story – . Sadly CPP still hasn’t supplied the necessary phone numbers and URLs for Barclays customers. Despite numerous requests.

  5. Pravin Patel says:

    I am a member of Barclays Airport Angel, and wish to book airport lounge at Manchester Airport TERMINAl – 2
    Can you provide me the contact number please

  6. Tony Dennis says:

    Absolutely not. We are still waiting for the web addresses from CCP so that we can direct Barclays customers like your good self.

  7. Mrs J. Landers says:

    I would like to know if I can take a guest into the lounge at Heathrow, as I have an Airport Angel membership card. If so, how much would it cost?

  8. Barbara Metcalfe says:

    I have an airport angel card how do I book a lounge

  9. Dr S.L.Choudhury says:

    My wife and I have Barclays Premier Life Airport Angel Cards.
    We wish to book lounge at Manchester Air Port Terminal 1. I would be grateful if you can tell me the name of the lounge we can use with above mentioned card in terminal 1 of Manchester Airport and how to find out exact location of that lounge in that terminal. Can you also please guide me as to how can I book two seats in that lounge for us on 1st. November 2014 evening. I would also be thankful to you if you can give me telephone number, email address and other contact details of that lounge.
    Thanking you in anticipation

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