Barnes & Noble to pull plug on colour tablets

Might still be a market for B&W e-readers, though

colour nooks to be outsourced

As we reported yesterday [June 25th 2013] here,  Gartner says that the market for tablets is booming. Unless your name is Barnes & Noble – the book retailers, it seems. The company has just announced that it intends to pull the plug on in-house production of its own Nook colour tablets and is actively seeking to outsource to an external partner. However, it intends to keep up R& D and in-house production on B&W e-readers.

GoMo News thinks the company is right. Not everyone wants to read their books on a fully fledged tablet like Amazon’s Kindle Fire.

There almost certainly is still a market for dedicated e-readers – especially those which can be read in bright sunlight. That is particularly by those sunbathing on holiday [vacation]!

Barnes & Noble’s CEO, William Lynch, seemed to suggest that his company is contemplating a co-branding exercise for colour tablets.

We suspect his is thinking along the same lines as Google which gets market leaders like Samsung to co-brand its Nexus range.

Market researcher, IDC, recently said that consumers were moving away from e-readers towards tablets in developed markets.

IDC also predicted that the market for e-readers would start to decline in 2015.

Here at GoMo News Towers we can’t but help think that Barnes & Noble’s problem is branding.

It’s too late now but what kind of name for an e-reader is a ‘nook’. Niche would be better.

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