BB10 for PlayBook looking extremely unlikely

BlackBerry tablet gets unofficial minor upgrade to 1753

proof of the pudding

GoMo News was actually searching for a beta copy of BBM [BlackBerry Messenger] for Android when we came across a very interesting story posted by The site had found that somebody had leaked a slightly newer version of the BlackBerry OS than is available officially.  We,  for example, had reached OS version 2.1 Bundle 1526. This one is 1753 and it works. It shows that engineers are still working on the company’s only tablet offering. However, this news makes it even more unlikely that we will ever see the company’s jewel – BB10, ported to the PlayBook.

Actually this build of the PlayBook OS is dated July 26th 2013 so it is just over a month old.

But with the recent news here that BlackBerry could be auctioned off as early as November [2013] we think some engineer leaked the software to here while he/she still had the chance to see the fruits of his/her labour reach the public.

The silly thing is that Bundle 1753 doesn’t appear to be any different from 1526. That said, we’ve installed it on our loan PlayBook and it definitely works.

Somebody provided what is known as an ‘autoloader’ version of this OS to here.

What the site doesn’t tell you is that the file itself is sitting on a free cloud storage service in New Zealand called Mega.

So if you are going to try this be sure to sign up for a free account with Mega BEFORE you try to download the file.

Which, incidentally you need to unzip and run on a PC. You don’t download it directly to the PlayBook.

You’ll find the actual autoloader file here. Oh, and sign up to BlackBerryOS free before you try to download it, too.

A WORD OF WARNING. This process is for the feint hearted and if you mess up you could easily end up with a ‘bricked’ device which just won’t work.

Another thing you should remember to do is to backup up all of your data using the BlackBerry Desktop program. Because the upgrade wipes you tablet absolutely clean.

Best of luck and if you find any new features in 1753, leave us a comment on this page below.

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2 Responses to BB10 for PlayBook looking extremely unlikely

  1. Iain says:

    “…NOT for the FAINT-hearted…” would make more sense, unless downloading the update is for those who want to dodge, dive, duck, weave and, er, ‘feint’ their way around the process. On second thoughts, and knowing the shortcomings of my Playbook and its poor OS, maybe you did mean what was published :)

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