BBM Channels confuses ageing GoMo hack

Doesn’t help if you get the wrong team either

Well, here at GoMo Towers we believe in doing things for real rather than merely reproducing snippets sent out across the wires. So we jumped at the chance to try out BlackBerry’s showcasing of its latest BBM Channels facility. Today [March 6th 2014], Mercedes AMG Petronas has ‘fixed it’ for their leading F1 [Formula One] driver – Nico Rosberg to go live on the MAP Channel. Being keen petrol heads, we signed in to see what was going on and ask Nico a question. Firstly we found the whole experience confusing. Secondly we got the wrong F1 team.

The first point to note is that for testing purposes we opted to use the BBM Android client on our loan Motorola G.

Interestingly, we discovered that although we’d acquired out BlackBerry Q5 just a few weeks back, its BBM client was still out of date.

So we had to manually update BBM on the Q5 to see the Channels feature.

Surely we should have had some kind of notification of the existence of a new Version for BB10? But, no. Either there was none or we missed it.

Our next task was to joing the correct Channel for the MAP F1 team.

Believe it or not there were loads of fakes and we felt that BlackBerry should be weeding out attempts to hijack the real MAP’s Channel.

Having found the correct channel, we opened it up and started reading.

This is where the confusion arises. You can post comments to a thread.

And like a whole bunch of other F1 fans, GoMo thought that was how you ‘chatted’ 1-2-1 with Nico.

Wrong. You are supposed to click on the ‘Open Chat’ facility.

And then you are in a direct 1-2-1 environment. Judging from the comments, others had made the same mistake.

One participant was even adamant that the ‘Open Chat’ facility was missing from his version of the BBM client on BB7.

Strange because if he could see the Channel, in theory it should have been the correct version.

To top it all, GoMo accidently asked the Mercedes team about the loss of Vodafone sponsorship.

Um. Wrong team. Vodafone sponsored McLaren.

So we retired hurt from the Channel.

But with the strong conviction that BlackBerry needs to get a stronger grip on how social networking normally works.

We don’t think we were unique in being confused.

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