Belle UI can be spoofed on Nokia N97

Get the look & Feel of Symbian’s latest OS on your S60v5 device

make your n97 seem like it is running symbian belle

When we wrote this story ‘Claimed Nokia N97 OS upgrade to Belle creates havoc‘ back in February 2013, it caused quite a stir. GoMo News stands by its original assertion that you cannot upgrade a Nokia N97 handset to the full version of (Smybian) Belle or even Anna. That’s because it is a Series 60 v5.0 device. However, what you can do is make it look like you are running Symbian Belle on your N97 thanks to a piece of software called ‘Symbian Belle Shell’. Thanks to GoMo reader “S2dal” from Tanzania for pointing this out.

Now one of the most frequently asked questions by GoMo News readers is “How can I update the OS software on my Nokia handset?”

The straight answer is – in one of two ways. Either wirelessly (otherwise known as OTA or over-the-air) using the standard ‘Software Update’ option built into the handset.

Or you can do it if you can get access to a Windows based computer using the Nokia Suite software for PCs.

There’s a page on the Nokia web site ‘Software Update for Nokia Belle and Symbian‘ which describes exactly how to do this.

But you are going to be wasting your time looking for OTA updates if your handset is no longer supported by Nokia.

That’s why GoMo News constantly recommends to readers on the Indian subcontinent that they visit the specific page on the Nokia India web site here first to see if the handset is still supported.

Before you attempt to upgrade the OS on your Nokia device, you should ask the yourself the question … “Why do I want to update my Nokia in the first place?”

Here at GoMo Towers we have discovered that the main reason is in an effort to run the WhatsApp app. Installing the Symbian Belle shell won’t help.

So you should read the ‘Nokia N73 updates & WhatsApp help page‘ on our site first. In order to avoid disappointment.

If, however, you’re just happy to make it look like your N97 is running the latest version of Symbian then you need to download the software from here.

Then you will need to follow the set of instructions set out on the Simply Symbian web site here.

The site indicates that you need to have ‘Qt’ installed before the Shell can work but it handily provides instructions for that too.

When you are finished you can then really impress your friends.

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